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Four Titles Reviewed in September Issue of Choice

Four new titles are reviewed in the September issue of Choice!

We Rise to Resist: Voices from a New Era in Women’s Political Action
“The volume serves not only as a springboard for classroom discussions but also as a unique documentary source for future generations. We Rise to Resist contextualizes third-wave feminism by highlighting the diversity of women’s experiences while offering a space for reflection and a call for political action…highly recommended.”

The Los Angeles Dodgers Encyclopedia
“Comprehensive…excellent…this is a well-conceived and concise compendium of all things related to this iconic baseball team and an invaluable reference for all libraries…highly recommended.”

Repeating and Multi-Fire Weapons: A History from the Zhuge Crossbow Through the AK-47
“Well illustrated with photographs and diagrams and including a glossary and brief bibliography, this is a thorough treatment the topic and useful for those interested in military history…recommended.”

World Epidemics: A Cultural Chronology of Disease from Prehistory to the Era of Zika, 2d ed.
“Engagingly written…this accessible volume is well suited for popular collections and public libraries…recommended.”



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Newly Published: The Image of Disability

New on our bookshelf today:

The Image of Disability: Essays on Media Representations
Edited by JL Schatz and Amber E. George

A mainstay of modern life, the global media gives out information about disabilities that is often inaccurate or negative and perpetuates oppressive stigmas and discrimination.

In response to representations that have been incomplete, misguided or unimaginative, this collection of new essays encourages scholars and allies to refashion media so as to disrupt the status quo and move toward more liberatory politics. Images in film, television and social media are assessed through the lenses of disabilities studies, media studies, cultural studies and intersectional studies involving critical race theory and gender.

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Newly Published: The Lives of Justine Johnstone

New on our bookshelf today:

The Lives of Justine Johnstone: Follies Star, Research Scientist, Social Activist
Kathleen Vestuto

As a Ziegfeld Follies girl and film actress, Justine Johnstone (1895–1982) was celebrated as “the most beautiful woman in the world.” Her career took an unexpected turn when she abruptly retired from acting at 31. For the remainder of her life, she dedicated herself to medical research and social activism. As a cutting-edge pathologist, she contributed to the pre-penicillin treatment of syphilis at Columbia University, participated in the development of early cancer treatments at Caltech, and assisted Los Angeles physicians in oncology research. As a divorced woman in the 1940s, she adopted and raised two children on her own. She later helped find work for blacklisted Hollywood screenwriters and became a prominent participant in social and political causes.

The first full-length biography of Johnstone chronicles her extraordinary success in two male-dominated fields—show business and medical science—and follows her remarkable journey into a fascinating and fulfilling life.

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Weekly Deal: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

This week, get 20% off all books about chemical sensitivity with the coupon code MCS!

Central Sensitization and Sensitivity Syndromes: A Handbook for Coping

Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity: A Sufferer’s Memoir

Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Causes, Effects, Personal Experiences and Resources

Chemical Sensitivity: A Guide to Coping with Hypersensitivity Syndrome, Sick Building Syndrome and Other Environmental Illnesses

Defining Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Autoimmune Diseases and Their Environmental Triggers

Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Narratives of Coping

Environmentally Induced Illnesses: Ethics, Risk Assessment and Human Rights

Chemical Injury and the Courts: A Litigation Guide for Clients and Their Attorneys

Sauna Detoxification Therapy: A Guide for the Chemically Sensitive



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Newly Published: In Bed with Strangers

New from our Exposit imprint:

In Bed with Strangers: Swinging My Way to Self-Discovery
Casey Donatello

The term “swinging” calls to mind a bygone era of 1970s sexual liberation—images of shag carpet, hot tubs and married couples swapping motel keys. The Internet age has made swinging widely accessible and discreet to a broad range of participants, married or single, and of any sexual orientation.

Some people pursue the excitement of spontaneous, noncommittal sex with strangers, while others seek a certain intimate connection they find unattainable by conventional dating or romantic relationships.

Casey Donatello’s frank memoir describes her transition from inexperienced 20-something through the ups and downs of her introduction to swinging as a couple with her boyfriend to her maturation as a single female swinger—known in the lifestyle as a “unicorn”—in her 30s. Her explicit account goes beyond the physical acts to explore the psychology and life lessons of self-discovery through sex.

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Newly Published: Writing and the Body in Motion

New on our bookshelf today:

Writing and the Body in Motion: Awakening Voice through Somatic Practice
Cheryl Pallant

Based upon the author’s lifetime practices as a dancer, poet and teacher, this innovative approach to developing body awareness focuses on achieving self-discovery and well-being through movement, mindfulness and writing. Written from a holistic (rather than dualistic) view of the mind-body problem, discussion and exercises draw on dance, psychology, neuroscience and meditation to guide personal exploration and creative expression.

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Newly Published: Exploring Our Dreams

New on our bookshelf today:

Exploring Our Dreams: The Science and the Potential for Self-Discovery
Paul R. Robbins

What do psychology and neuroscience tell us about our dreams? Dream researcher and practicing psychotherapist Paul R. Robbins presents the science in a non-technical Q&A format. Covering the history of dream interpretation—from ancient Assyrian dream books to the theories of Carl Jung—he describes his own successful approach to dream studies: exploring the real-life incidents brought to mind by dreams and probing their meaning to the individual in an objective way.

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Weekly Deal: Cannabis Studies

This week, get 20% off books about cannabis studies with the coupon code CBD!

Cannabis Extracts in Medicine: The Promise of Benefits in Seizure Disorders, Cancer and Other Conditions

Cannabis in Medical Practice: A Legal, Historical and Pharmacological Overview of the Therapeutic Use of Marijuana

My Most-Wanted Marijuana Mom: Growing Up in a Smuggling Family

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Newly Published: Folk Religion of the Pennsylvania Dutch

New on our bookshelf today:

Folk Religion of the Pennsylvania Dutch: Witchcraft, Faith Healing and Related Practices
Richard L.T. Orth

For almost three centuries, the “Pennsylvania Dutch”—descended from German immigrants—have practiced white magic, known in their dialect as Braucherei (from the German “brauchen,” to use) or Powwowing. The tradition was brought by immigrants from the Rhineland and Switzerland in the 17th and 18th centuries, when they settled in Pennsylvania and in other areas of what is now the eastern United States and Canada.

Practitioners draw on folklore and tradition dating to the turn of the 19th century, when healers like Mountain Mary—canonized as a saint for her powers—arrived in the New World.

The author, a member of the Pennsylvania Dutch community, describes in detail the practices, culture and history of faith healers and witches.

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Newly Published: Sex and the Scientist

New on our bookshelf today:

Sex and the Scientist: The Indecent Life of Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford (1753–1814)
Jane Merrill

One of the preeminent natural philosophers of the Enlightenment, Benjamin Thompson started out
as a farm boy with a practical turn of mind. His inventions include the Rumford fireplace, insulated clothing, the thermos, convection ovens, double boilers, double-paned glass and an improved sloop. He was knighted by King George III and became a Count of the Holy Roman Emperor.
Thompson’s popularity with women eclipsed his achievements, though. He was married twice and had affairs with many other prominent women, including the wife of Boston printer Isaiah Thomas and that of a doctor who would crew the first balloon to cross the English Channel. He even fathered a child by the court mistress of the Prince Elector and had affairs with several other German noblewomen. Drawing on Thompson’s correspondence and diaries, this book examines his friendships and romantic relationships.

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Newly Published: The Star Gate Archives

New on our bookshelf today:

The Star Gate Archives: Reports of the United States Government Sponsored Psi Program, 1972–1995. Volume 1: Remote Viewing, 1972–1984
Compiled and Edited by Edwin C. May and Sonali Bhatt Marwaha

During the Cold War, the U.S. government began testing paranormal claims under laboratory conditions in hopes of realizing intelligence applications for psychic phenomena. Thus began the project known as Star Gate. The largest in the history of parapsychological research, it received more than $20 million in funding and continued into the mid–1990s. This project archive includes all available documents generated by research contractor SRI International and those provided by government officials.

Remote viewing (RV) is an atypical ability that allows some individuals to gain information blocked from the usual senses by shielding, distance or time. Early work benefited from a few “stars” of RV who were successful at convincing investigators of its existence and its potential as a means of gathering intelligence. Research focused on determining the parameters of RV, who may have the ability, how to collect and analyze data and the best way to use RV in intelligence operations. Volume 1 Remote Viewing (1972–1984) and Volume 2 Remote Viewing (1985–1995) include laboratory trials and several operational results.

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Newly Published: Extraordinary Dreams

Extraordinary DreamsNew on our bookshelf today:

Extraordinary Dreams: Visions, Announcements and Premonitions Across Time and Place
Kimberly R. Mascaro

Some see dreams as communications with another reality and others see them as insignificant random phenomena. Dreams range from the mundane of day-to-day events to the extraordinary, including visions, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, interactions with the deceased, precognition, sleep paralysis and vivid hallucinations during transitions between sleep and wakefulness. Drawing on individuals’ reports, this book explores the phenomena and the significance of extraordinary dreams.

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Newly Published: Scientifical Americans

Scientifical AmericansNew on our bookshelf today:

Scientifical Americans: The Culture of Amateur Paranormal Researchers
Sharon A. Hill

In the 21st century, reality television and the Internet have fed public interest in ghosts, UFOs, cryptozoology and other unusual phenomena. By 2010, roughly 2000 amateur research and investigation groups formed in the U.S.—ghost hunters, Bigfoot chasers and UFO researchers, using an array of (supposedly) scientific equipment and methods to prove the existence of the paranormal.

American culture’s honorific regard for science, coupled with the public’s unfamiliarity with scientific methods, created a niche for self-styled paranormal experts to achieve national renown without scientific training or credentials. The author provides a comprehensive examination of the ideas, missions and methods promoted by these passionate amateurs.

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Newly Published: Central Sensitization and Sensitivity Syndromes

Central Sensitization and Sensitivity SyndromesNew on our bookshelf today:

Central Sensitization and Sensitivity Syndromes: A Handbook for Coping
Amy Titani
Foreword by Ric Arseneau, M.D.

Millions of people experience symptoms of central sensitization (CS) and central sensitivity syndromes (CSS) such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivities. Yet many lack diagnoses, education and resources. Without proper support, some patients may become withdrawn, suffering needlessly and possibly developing mental illness.

Covering the syndromes within the context of central sensitization (CS), this book provides candid personal experience, strategies for symptom management, and suggested methods for coping and long-term healing, with easy-to-understand science.

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Newly Published: Living with HIV

New on our bookshelf today:

Living with HIV: A Patient’s Guide, 2d ed.
Mark Cichocki, RN

In its updated and expanded second edition, this helpful guide offers a wealth of information for people living with HIV and for people caring for HIV–positive loved ones. All aspects of HIV/AIDS are discussed, including opportunistic and associated infections, dental care, exercise and nutrition, substance use and abuse and emotional treatment. New information will help the newly diagnosed adjust to their illness and long-term survivors to improve their quality of life. Up-to-date discussion of the latest medications covers the growing practice of using HIV drugs as preventatives. Essential Internet resources are provided that help patients live a longer, healthier life.

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Women's Studies











Playing for Equality: Oral Histories of Women Leaders in the Early Years of Title IX
Diane LeBlanc and Allys Swanson

Mammography and Early Breast Cancer Detection: How Screening Saves Lives
Alan B. Hollingsworth, M.D.

The Beyoncé Effect: Essays on Sexuality, Race and Feminism
Edited by Adrienne Trier-Bieniek

Click here to browse McFarland’s complete line of women’s studies titles. 

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Newly Published: The Gland Illusion

New on our bookshelf today:

The Gland Illusion: Early Attempts at Rejuvenation through Male Hormone Therapy
John B. Nanninga, M.D.

Testosterone and estrogen treatments are common today, but in the late 19th and early 20th centuries the discovery of sex gland secretions led both physicians and the public to believe they had found the secret to bodily rejuvenation. This led to bizarre human experimentation involving injections of glandular fluid, ingestion of glandular tissues and the transplanting of testes and ovaries. Stranger still, the treatments supposedly worked, with both men and women reporting enhanced vitality. Only later would the truth about these placebo-induced results be brought to light. This book explores the early history and practices of “organotherapy” and how it provided important scientific insights despite its pseudoscientific nature.

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Newly Published: Yellow Fever

New on our bookshelf today:

Yellow Fever: A Worldwide History
S.L. Kotar and J.E. Gessler

The terror of yellow fever conjures images of mass infection of soldiers during the Spanish-American War and horrific death tolls among workers on the Panama Canal. Medical science has never found a cure and the disease continues to present a threat to the modern world, both as a mosquito-borne epidemic and as a potential biological weapon. Drawing on firsthand accounts and contemporary sources, this book traces the history of the viral infection that has claimed countless victims across the United States, Central America and Africa, and of the global effort to combat this challenging and deadly disease.

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Newly Published: Managing Hypertension

New on our bookshelf today:

Managing Hypertension: Tools to Improve Health and Prevent Complications
Sandra A. Moulton
Series Editor Elaine A. Moore

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a common chronic disease affecting people of different ages, cultural backgrounds and socio-economic statuses worldwide. Research links hypertension to increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease and cardiovascular disease—the leading cause of death worldwide. This book provides an up-to-date illustrated overview of research findings concerning hypertension, covering risk factors, increase in prevalence, cultures affected and challenges to treating and managing the disease in specific populations. Pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods for effectively managing hypertension are discussed.

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Newly Published: Robert Koch and American Bacteriology

New on our bookshelf today:

Robert Koch and American Bacteriology
Richard Adler

In bacteriology’s Golden Age (roughly 1870–1890) European physicians focused on bacteria as causal agents of disease. Advances in microscopy and laboratory methodology—including the ability to isolate and identify micro-organisms—played critical roles. Robert Koch, the most well known of the European researchers for his identification of the etiological agents of anthrax, tuberculosis and cholera, established in Germany the first teaching laboratory for training physicians in the new methods.

Bacteriology was largely absent in early U.S. medical schools. Dozens of American physicians-in-training enrolled in Koch’s course in Germany, and many established bacteriology courses upon their return. This book highlights those who became acknowledged leaders in the field and whose work remains influential.

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Newly Published: Steroid Man

New on our bookshelf today:

Steroid Man: Confessions of a Powerlifter from the Golden Age of Enhancement
Adam Frattasio

Three years of resolute weightlifting had not gone as planned for this scrawny 18-year-old. But it was 1980 and a legal prescription for the magic elixir, anabolic steroids, was just $20. Now he would transform himself while away at college and return home with trophy-winning strength and a body like a Greek god—a Charles Atlas magazine ad come to life.

That didn’t go quite as planned either. This revealing memoir recounts an athlete’s experiences with performance enhancing drugs at a time when the public and law enforcement knew little about them. Venturing into the “steroid underground,” the author used and sold them, was featured in muscle magazines, went under a surgeon’s knife and faced interrogation by a federal marshal.

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Newly Published: Mammography and Early Breast Cancer Detection

New on our bookshelf today:

Mammography and Early Breast Cancer Detection: How Screening Saves Lives
Alan B. Hollingsworth, M.D.

Early detection of breast cancer is critical. Yet efforts to cut back on mammography or even stop screening altogether have been gaining ground in the medical community’s decades-long debate over testing and treatment. It is not a purely scientific debate—back-room politics and hidden agendas have played as much a role as clinical data, leading to some surprising conclusions.

Written by one of the first physicians in the country to specialize in breast cancer risk assessment, genetic testing and high-risk interventions, this book focuses on the screening controversy and explains the arguments used on both sides. The author covers the history of screening, from the first mobile unit on the streets of Manhattan to the cutting edge imaging technology of today.

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Newly Published: Behind the Mask of Moebius Syndrome

New on our bookshelf today:

Behind the Mask of Moebius Syndrome: A Memoir
Cristina Faragli
Foreword by Ronald M. Zuker, M.D.

Moebius syndrome is a rare congenital neurological disorder affecting two to 20 out of every million newborns. Patients suffer from total facial paralysis and often cannot even close their eyes or move them from side to side. Unable to smile, frown or otherwise express emotion, their everyday personal relationships are deeply affected. Even eating (chewing) is a problem.

This memoir of a woman with Moebius syndrome provides a first-person view of life “behind the mask.”

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Newly Published: College Success for Students with Disabilities

New on our bookshelf today:

College Success for Students with Disabilities: A Guide to Finding and Using Resources, with Real-World Stories
Irene Ingersoll
Foreword by Nido R. Qubein

The demanding workload and fast pace of college often overwhelm students. Without access to the right resources, many of the three million U.S. college students with disabilities fail or drop out—at a much higher rate than their peers.

This guide helps students, parents, counselors and psychologists find the appropriate resources and accommodations to help students with disabilities successfully transition to college.

The author explains Americans with Disabilities Act laws and outlines steps for requesting and implementing college staff, classroom and testing accommodations.

Student testimonies are included, advising on which assistive technologies and resources have worked to achieve academic success.


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Newly Published: Typhoid Fever

New on our bookshelf today:

Typhoid Fever: A History
Richard Adler and Elise Mara

In the 21st century, typhoid fever afflicts more than 21 million people each year, primarily in underdeveloped countries. In the age before sanitation and antibiotics, the infection was even more devastating, crippling entire armies and claiming the lives of both rich and poor.

The story of typhoid is in many ways the story of modern medicine itself, with early efforts at treatment and prevention paving the way for our understanding of infectious disease in general. Many sought to understand and control the disease, including Robert Koch and Walter Reed. There were unsung heroes as well: Pierre Louis and William Gerhard, among the first to identify the disease’s unique nature; William Budd, whose studies demonstrated its transmission through feces; and Georges Widal, whose test for the disease continues to be used in some areas. This book chronicles the fight against typhoid in the words of these and other medical pioneers, showing how far we have come and how far we have yet to go.


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Newly Published: African American and Cherokee Nurses in Appalachia

New on our bookshelf today:

African American and Cherokee Nurses in Appalachia: A History, 1900–1965
Phoebe Ann Pollitt

Few career opportunities were available to minority women in Appalachia in the first half of the 20th century. Nursing offered them a respected, relatively well paid profession and—as few physicians or hospitals would treat people of color—their work was important in challenging health care inequities in the region. Working in both modern surgical suites and tumble-down cabins, these women created unprecedented networks of care, managed nursing schools and built professional nursing organizations while navigating discrimination in the workplace.

Focusing on the careers and contributions of dozens of African American and Eastern Band Cherokee registered nurses, this first comprehensive study of minority nurses in Appalachia documents the quality of health care for minorities in the region during the Jim Crow era. Racial segregation in health care and education and state and federal policies affecting health care for Native Americans are examined in depth.

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New Holiday Catalog—And Our Biggest Sale of the Year!

Holiday 2015Our brand-new holiday catalog is in the mail, but we’re giving you a sneak preview this morning—click here for great holiday gift ideas before the catalog hits your mailbox!

And, because it’s never too early to start your holiday shopping, we’re offering our biggest sale of the year! Get 30% off your purchase of two or more books when you enter the coupon code HOLIDAY2015 at checkout!

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Newly Published—Peddling Mental Disorder

New on our bookshelf today:

Peddling Mental Disorder: The Crisis in Modern Psychiatry
By Lawrie Reznek

Psychiatry is a mess. Patients who urgently need help go untreated, while perfectly healthy people are over-diagnosed with serious mental disorders and receive unnecessary medical treatment. The roots of the problem are the vast pharmaceutical industry profits and a diagnostic system—the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)—vulnerable to exploitation.

Drug companies have fostered the development of this system, pushing psychiatry to over-extend its domain so that more people can be diagnosed with mental disorders and treated with drugs.

This book describes the steady expansion of the DSM—both the manual itself and its application—and the resulting over-medication of society. The author discusses revisions and additions to the DSM (now in its fifth edition) that have only deepened the epidemics of major depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, social anxiety disorder, attention deficit disorder and bipolar disorder.

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North Carolina Library Association 2015 Conference

We’re exhibiting at the biennial North Carolina Library Association conference in Greensboro, North Carolina this week! Our own Dylan Lightfoot and Stephanie Nichols are exhibiting books, and several McFarland authors are among the NC librarians attending the convention.

Author J. Timothy Cole with his books, The Forest City Lynching of 1900 and Collett Leventhorpe, the English Confederate.
NCLA Shiflett
Author Orvin Lee Shiflett with his book, William Terry Couch and the Politics of Academic Publishing


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Newly Published—Cannabis Extracts in Medicine

New on our bookshelf today:

Cannabis Extracts in Medicine: The Promise of Benefits in Seizure Disorders, Cancer and Other Conditions
By Jeffrey Dach, M.D. , Elaine A. Moore and Justin Kander

As of December 2014, medicinal cannabis is legal in 23 states where news and medical journals report success stories of people recovering from diverse medical conditions such as epilepsy, cancer and chronic pain.

In states where cannabis remains illegal, users and providers risk arrest and imprisonment. While the United States government has restricted cannabis medical research, advances have been made in Israel, Spain and Italy. One such breakthrough was the discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the brain and immune system. Endogenous cannabinoids are mimicked by THC and CBD, cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, thus accounting for its medicinal effects. Focusing on the biochemical properties, medical benefits and psychological effects of cannabinoids, this book provides an overview of anecdotal case reports, animal studies and clinical trials proposing cannabis for seizure disorder, cancer, chronic pain and other medical conditions.


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National Organization for Human Services

NOHSWe’re exhibiting at the National Organization for Human Services conference in Charlotte, North Carolina this week! The theme of this year’s conference, “Diversity Matters,” focuses on celebrating diversity with clients, students, colleagues, programs and communities. McFarland president Rhonda Herman is in the exhibit hall with a display of health and human services books, and is available to discuss your book proposal.

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Newly Published—The Mysteries of Consciousness

New on our bookshelf today:

The Mysteries of Consciousness: Essays on Spacetime, Evolution and Well-Being
Edited by Ingrid Fredriksson

For hundreds of years the Western world has believed that humans—indeed all living things—consist of more than pure biology. Not mere physical bodies, humans possess something else that helps to define them. In this collection of new essays scientists, psychologists, theoretical physicists and other experts in the mind-body connection explore the nature of consciousness and its future as a new paradigm in science.

With contributions covering near death experiences, the concept of “free will,” conscious spacetime, DNA consciousness, the role of consciousness in the evolution of life, quantum theory and the non-local universe, the scientific basis of love, and the principles and applications of self-hypnosis, this volume clarifies the meaning of consciousness and establishes a model for further exploration into a burgeoning realm of scientific study.

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"What's That Smell?!"

If you listened to National Public Radio‘s Morning Edition yesterday, you may have heard Yuki Noguchi‘s story about multiple chemical sensitivity and issues that arise when workplaces ban fragrances. That story of a little known, and little understood, medical condition is available below, and is a strongly recommended listen.

McFarland – a fragrance-free workplace – has long been interested in multiple chemical sensitivity, and we continue to publish a strong line of books about chemical and electrical sensitivity. To draw attention to this issue, we’re offering a 20% discount on all multiple chemical sensitivity titles through the end of September. Browse a list of titles below, and use the coupon code MCS at checkout!

Books About Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Causes, Effects, Personal Experiences and Resources

Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity: A Sufferer’s Memoir

Chemical Sensitivity: A Guide to Coping with Hypersensitivity Syndrome, Sick Building Syndrome and Other Environmental Illnesses

Defining Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Autoimmune Diseases and Their Environmental Triggers

Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Narratives of Coping

Environmentally Induced Illnesses: Ethics, Risk Assessment and Human Rights

Chemical Injury and the Courts: A Litigation Guide for Clients and Their Attorneys

Sauna Detoxification Therapy: A Guide for the Chemically Sensitive


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New Releases for August 3: Sociology of Sports, Baseball, Renaissance, Postcards, Public Health


The Sociology of Sports: An Introduction, 2d ed. by Tim Delaney

The Complete Baseball Scorekeeping Handbook, Revised and Updated Edition by Andres Wirkmaa

Grant Morrison and the Superhero Renaissance: Critical Essays by Darragh Greene

American Woman Suffrage Postcard: A Study and Catalog by Kenneth Florey

Celebrity Health Narratives and the Public Health by Christina S. Beck




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Library Journal Review of Palliative Care

Just in: this excellent Library Journal review of Harold Y. Vanderpool’s Palliative Health Care: The 400-Year Quest for a Good Death!

Vanderpool (emeritus, history & philosophy of medicine, Inst. for the Medical Humanities, Univ. of Texas) has drawn upon “a vast literature on clinical medicine, medical research, palliative care practices and advocacy, personal testimonials, biomedical ethics, death and dying, the law, and the history of medicine and culture” as well as his own extensive career in the fields of medical ethics, death and dying, and suffering in this wide-ranging survey of the history of palliative care. From 1605, when Sir Francis Bacon proclaimed that physicians should enable persons to “pass peacefully out of life,” to the present, when dying patients’ “rights, protections, and number of choices…are…deserving of celebration,” although the author notes that the choices are often filled with pain. Vanderpool concludes that understanding the nature of contemporary palliative care is imperative for making good decisions. VERDICT: This wise and revealing study is sure to be valuable to the dying and those who love them, as well as to the physicians and other health professionals who care for them.Marcia G. Welsh, Dartmouth Coll. Lib., Hanover, NH

Contact us for more information on this title.  Happy reading.


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Ashe County: Where McFarland Resides


Authors, customers, friends, and fans: if you’ve ever wondered what McF’s mountain town is like, have a look at this neat response about our area from a recent vacationer.  (A special nod, too, to our Boondocks friends who regularly support us in a number of ways.)  We love where we live!


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New Releases for July 1: David Bowie, HBO, Pirates, Theatre, Becoming a Leader


Becoming a Leader Is Becoming Yourself by Russ S. Moxley

David Bowie in Darkness: A Study of  Outside and the Late Career by Nicholas P. Greco

Inside the Rise of HBO: A Personal History of the Company That Transformed Television by Bill Mesce, Jr.

“Had ’Em All the Way”: The 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates by Thad Mumau

Her Turn on Stage: The Role of Women in Musical Theatre by Grace Barnes




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CONFERENCE: American Library Association 2015 Annual Meeting


There is much to celebrate today!  Our publishing duty, however, is to equip you with industry intel (some of which is less likely to be in your news feed today).  Therefore, as we witness historic decisions in our country, we’d be remiss not to mention the Annual American Library Association conference, which meets over the weekend in San Francisco.  Themed “TRANSFORMING our libraries, ourselves, McFarland looks forward to several days’ worth of terrific conversations about all things librarianship.

A happy coincidenceassistant sales manager Adam Phillips has THIS hotel view, providing opportunities to share the goings-on of an historic Pride Week in San Francisco.    


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New Releases for June 22: Vietnam, Barons, Palliative Care, Disney, Masculinity


Creating the Vietnam Veterans Memorial: The Inside Story by Robert W. Doubek

Benevolent Barons: American Worker-Centered Industrialists, 1850–1910 by Quentin R. Skrabec, Jr.

Palliative Care: The 400-Year Quest for a Good Death by Harold Y. Vanderpool

Walt’s Utopia: Disneyland and American Mythmaking by Priscilla Hobbs

Fight Sports and American Masculinity: Salvation in Violence from 1607 to the Present by Christopher David Thrasher







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New Releases for May 11: Sedgwicks, Horror Films, Obituaries, Religion, Rock 'n' Roll


The Five Sedgwicks: Pioneer Entertainers of Vaudeville, Film and Television by Michael Zmuda

Classic Horror Films and the Literature That Inspired Them by Ron Backer

Obituaries in the Performing Arts, 2014 by Harris M. Lentz III

African Traditional Religion in the Modern World, 2d ed.  by Douglas E. Thomas

Dig That Beat! Interviews with Musicians at the Root of Rock ’n’ Roll by Sheree Homer


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Weekly Deal: The Deaf Community

Want to know more about deaf and hearing adult sibling relationships?  Watch the interview with the authors of Deaf and Hearing Siblings in Conversation, Marla Berkowitz and Judy Jonas, on PBS station WXXI ‘s (Rochester, NY) “Need to Know”. Part One is available at:, and tune in for Part Two on Thursday, May 7, 2015 at 8:00 PM.

Through May 10, 2015, get 20% off this book – and a few other outstanding books about the deaf community – when you use the coupon code DEAF!



Deaf and Hearing Siblings in Conversation

The Deaf Community in America: History in the Making

Voices of the Oral Deaf: Fourteen Role Models Speak Out

Cochlear Implants: A Handbook

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New Releases for April 24: Science Fiction, BDSM, Spanish Stage, Bullying


The Fantastic Made Visible: Essays on the Adaptation of Science Fiction and Fantasy from Page to Screen by Matthew Wilhelm Kapell

Thinking Kink: The Collision of BDSM, Feminism and Popular Culture by Catherine Scott

The Adulteress on the Spanish Stage: Gender and Modernity in 19th Century Romantic Drama by Tracie Amend

The California Campaigns of the U.S.–Mexican War, 1846–1848 by Hunt Janin

Bullying in Popular Culture: Essays on Film, Television and Novels by Abigail G. Scheg





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New Releases for April 21: Middle Ages, Falk, Self harm, Cinema, Baseball


The Middle Ages on Television: Critical Essays by Meriem Pagès

Bibb Falk: The Man Who Replaced Shoeless Joe by William A. Cook

Responses to Self Harm: An Historical Analysis of Medical, Religious, Military and Psychological Perspectives by Leigh Dale

Cuban Cinema After the Cold War: A Critical Analysis of Selected Films by Enrique Garcia

A Scout’s Report: My 70 Years in Baseball by George Genovese







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New Releases for February 25: Baseball, American West, Asylum Therapeutics


The Boyer Brothers of Baseball by Lew Freedman

Settlers of the American West: The Lives of 231 Notable Pioneers by Mary Ellen Snodgrass

Encyclopedia of Asylum Therapeutics, 1750–1950s by Mary de Young

Encyclopedia of Mind Enhancing Foods, Drugs and Nutritional Substances, 2d ed. by David W. Group

The Complete Baseball Scorekeeping Handbook by Andres Wirkmaa


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New Releases for January 30: Shakespeare, Cooperstown, Litvak, Craniosynostosis, Academic Forger


Sir Henry Neville, Alias William Shakespeare: Authorship Evidence in the History Plays by Mark Bradbeer

The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture, 2013–2014 by William M. Simons

Anatole Litvak: The Life and Films by Michelangelo Capua

Beyond the Grip of Craniosynostosis: An Inside View of Life Touched by the Congenital Skull Deformity by Kase D. Johnstun

Papers for Pay: Confessions of an Academic Forger by Jeffrey Alfred Ruth





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Weekly Deal: Disability Studies

This week, through January 1, 2015, get 20% off the following disability studies titles when you enter the coupon code DISABILITY:








The Deaf Community in America: History in the Making

Public Health in Appalachia: Essays from the Clinic and the Field

Deaf and Hearing Siblings in Conversation

Their Greatest Victory: 24 Athletes Who Overcame Disease, Disability and Injury

Different Bodies: Essays on Disability in Film and Television

A Child of Sanitariums: A Memoir of Tuberculosis Survival and Lifelong Disability

Diversity in Disney Films: Critical Essays on Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality and Disability

Cochlear Implants: A Handbook

Art Centers: American Studios and Galleries for Artists with Developmental or Mental Disabilities

Movement: A Memoir of Disability, Cancer, and the Holocaust

Seeking the Light: The Lives of Phillips and Ruth Lee Thygeson, Pioneers in the Prevention of Blindness

Demons of the Body and Mind: Essays on Disability in Gothic Literature

Beating the Breaks: Major League Ballplayers Who Overcame Disabilities

Voices of the Oral Deaf: Fourteen Role Models Speak Out

Multiple Sclerosis Through History and Human Life


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Weekly Deal: Psi

This week, we’re highlighting our large (and growing!) line of  serious books about psi and parapsychological phenomena. Through January 25th, 2015, get 20% off the following books when you enter the coupon code PSI!








Evidence for Psi: Thirteen Empirical Research Reports

The Survival Hypothesis: Essays on Mediumship

Reimagining the Soul: Afterlife in the Age of Matter

Anomalous Cognition: Remote Viewing Research and Theory

The Nature of Mind: Parapsychology and the Role of Consciousness in the Physical World

Advances in Parapsychological Research 9

Death and Consciousness

Something Hidden

The Invisible Picture: A Study of Psychic Experiences

An Introduction to the Psychology of Paranormal Belief and Experience

J.B. Rhine: On the Frontiers of Science

Mind-Matter Interaction: A Review of Historical Reports, Theory and Research

Anomalous Experiences: Essays from Parapsychological and Psychological Perspectives

European Cases of the Reincarnation Type

Persons, Souls and Death: A Philosophical Investigation of an Afterlife

Hauntings and Poltergeists: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

An Introduction to Parapsychology, 5th ed.

The Conscious Mind and the Material World: On Psi, the Soul and the Self

The Survival of Human Consciousness: Essays on the Possibility of Life After Death

Psychics, Sensitives and Somnambules: A Biographical Dictionary with Bibliographies

Consciousness Studies: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

A World in a Grain of Sand: The Clairvoyance of Stefan Ossowiecki

Is There Life After Death?: An Examination of the Empirical Evidence

Parapsychology in the Twenty-First Century: Essays on the Future of Psychical Research

Parapsychology, Philosophy and the Mind: Essays Honoring John Beloff

Basic Research in Parapsychology, 2d ed.

Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation, rev. ed.





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New Releases for November 11: Namibian War, Psi, War on Sex, Baseball, Neuroscience


The Namibian War of Independence, 1966–1989: Diplomatic, Economic and Military Campaigns by Richard Dale

Evidence for Psi: Thirteen Empirical Research Reports by Damien Broderick

The War on Sex: Western Repression from the Torah to Victoria by Chad Denton

Baseball’s Great Hispanic Pitchers: Seventeen Aces from the Major, Negro and Latin American Leagues by Lou Hernández

Neuroscience in Science Fiction Films by Sharon Packer, M.D.




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Weekly Deal: Nursing

Another Monday, another chance to nurse yourself back into shape with a discount on some good books. Through September 14, 2014, get 20% off the following books when you use the coupon code NURSING!






Vietnam War Nurses: Personal Accounts of 18 Americans

Lingering Fever: A World War II Nurse’s Memoir

Closing the Asylums: Causes and Consequences of the Deinstitutionalization Movement

Florence Nightingale, Feminist

Encyclopedia of Alzheimer’s Disease; With Directories of Research, Treatment and Care Facilities, 2d ed.

Gulf War Nurses: Personal Accounts of 14 Americans, 1990–1991 and 2003–2010

Caregiver’s Guide: Care for Yourself While You Care for Your Loved Ones

Women in the Civil War: Extraordinary Stories of Soldiers, Spies, Nurses, Doctors, Crusaders, and Others

Navy Medicine in Vietnam: Oral Histories from Dien Bien Phu to the Fall of Saigon

The Frontier Nursing Service: America’s First Rural Nurse-Midwife Service and School

Women Pioneers of Medical Research: Biographies of 25 Outstanding Scientists

Healers in World War II: Oral Histories of Medical Corps Personnel

Enduring What Cannot Be Endured: Memoir of a Woman Medical Aide in the Philippines in World War II

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Weekly Deal: McFarland Health Topics

This week, through August 17, 2014, get 20% off every title in our McFarland Health Topics series when you enter the coupon code HEALTH!






Advances in Graves’ Disease and Other Hyperthyroid Disorders

Cancer, Autism and Their Epigenetic Roots

Autogenic Training: A Mind-Body Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Pain Syndrome and Stress-Related Disorders, 2d ed.

You and Your Doctor: A Guide to a Healing Relationship, with Physicians’ Insights

CCSVI as the Cause of Multiple Sclerosis: The Science Behind the Controversial Theory

Living with Insomnia: A Guide to Causes, Effects and Management, with Personal Accounts

The Amphetamine Debate: The Use of Adderall, Ritalin and Related Drugs for Behavior Modification, Neuroenhancement and Anti-Aging Purposes

Living with Bipolar Disorder: A Handbook for Patients and Their Families

Coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Guide for Families, 2d ed.

Caregiver’s Guide: Care for Yourself While You Care for Your Loved Ones

Type 2 Diabetes: Social and Scientific Origins, Medical Complications and Implications for Patients and Others

Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Causes, Effects, Personal Experiences and Resources

Living with HIV: A Patient’s Guide

The Promise of Low Dose Naltrexone Therapy: Potential Benefits in Cancer, Autoimmune, Neurological and Infectious Disorders

Arthritis: A Patient’s Guide

Hepatitis: Causes, Treatments and Resources

Autoimmune Diseases and Their Environmental Triggers

Graves’ Disease: A Practical Guide

Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Narratives of Coping


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New Releases for July 1: Higgins, Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Public Health, Pierpoint, Essays


George V. Higgins: The Life and Writings by Erwin H. Ford II

Living with Bipolar Disorder: A Handbook for Patients and Their Families by Karen R. Brock, M.D.

Cancer, Autism and Their Epigenetic Roots by K. John Morrow, Jr.

Public Health in Appalachia: Essays from the Clinic and the Field by Wendy Welch

Robert Pierpoint: A Life at CBS News by Tony Silvia

Mysteries Unlocked: Essays in Honor of Douglas G. Greene by Curtis Evans






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CONFERENCE: American Library Association Annual

ALA Annual 2014June 27-30, the American Library Association is gathering in Las Vegas for Annual.  We’re still trying to get our book display set up in the exhibit hall, with some “help” from early browsers like Allan Greenburg of Diamond Comic Distributors (pictured). McFarland is in Booth #1423, and our friends at Diamond are in Booth #2015.

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McFarland Celebrates 35 Years

mainofficeOn April 1st, 1979, founder Robert McFarland Franklin departed Plainfield, New Jersey, heading south in a Volkswagen bug towing a U-Haul.  With wife Cheryl behind the wheel, Robert began company operations on a yellow pad in his lap.

Thirty-five years ago, libraries provided almost the sole market (but a robust one!) for the heavily-researched books that McFarland made its specialty.  Over the decades, the company won ever-growing numbers of devoted readers who appreciated the care McFarland and its authors lavished on our books.  Our authors, a throng of thousands now, teach us something new every day.

We’re having an open house Friday, June 20, from noon until 5:00.  Join us for tours, conversation, punch, finger food, art and books.

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Weekly Deal: Chemical Sensitivity

This week, get 20% off the following books about chemical sensitivity when you enter the coupon code SENSITIVITY at checkout!






Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity

Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Chemical Sensitivity

Defining Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Autoimmune Diseases and Their Environmental Triggers

Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Environmentally Induced Illnesses

Chemical Injury and the Courts

Sauna Detoxification Therapy

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Celebrate 2014 with the best possible gift: books!

Our holiday sale ends today, Dec. 31st, so don’t delay!   Best wishes to all from your McFarland friends…happy reading!  Enjoy 20% off your order through today.  On the McFarland website, use coupon code HOLIDAY in the cart as you are checking out. Or, call toll-free 800-253-2187 (Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:30pm Eastern Time).

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New Releases for November 6: Noir, Monarchs, Fitness, Dracula, Urban Planning

Houses of Noir: Dark Visions from Thirteen Film Studios by Ronald Schwartz

Franz Joseph and Elisabeth: The Last Great Monarchs of Austria-Hungary by Karen Owens

Women and Fitness in American Culture by Sarah Hentges

Dracula’s Army: The Dead Travel Fast by Andy Fish

Global Models of Urban Planning: Best Practices Outside the United States by Roger L. Kemp





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Holiday Sale!

Happy holidays….happy holidays…while the merry bells keep ringing, enjoy 20% off your purchases through December 31st.  McFarland’s customer service elves stand at the ready to help, so get shopping!

On the McFarland website, use coupon code HOLIDAY in the cart as you are checking out.  Or, call toll-free 800-253-2187 (Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:30pm Eastern Time).

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New Releases for October 30: Bible, Mexican movies, Fort Henry, Italian Crime, Yankees, Second Takes

Music in the Hebrew Bible: Understanding References in the Torah, Nevi’im and Ketuvim by Jonathan L. Friedmann

Mexican Movies in the United States: A History of the Films, Theaters and Audiences, 1920–1960 by Rogelio Agrasánchez, Jr.

Grant’s River Campaign: Fort Henry to Shiloh by Jack H. Lepa

Italian Crime Filmography, 1968–1980 by Roberto Curti

New York Yankees Home Runs: A Comprehensive Factbook, 1903–2012 by Mitchell S. Soivenski

Second Takes: Remaking Film, Remaking America by Andrew Repasky McElhinney





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CONFERENCE: Frankfurt Book Fair

   The Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 has concluded, and we’ve been receiving a few photographs from happy readers.  Here, Ulrich K. Baues (senior editor at Western Mail and Country Mag) spots a copy of Western Movies: A Guide to 5,105 Feature Films, 2d ed. by Michael R. Pitts in the Eurospan stand.

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New Releases for September 23: Tony Curtis, Manassas/Bull Run, Latin America, Billy the Kid

The Defiant One: A Biography of Tony Curtis by Aubrey Malone

Different Bodies: Essays on Disability in Film and Television by Marja Evelyn Mogk

Thirteen Months at Manassas/Bull Run: The Two Battles and the Confederate and Union Occupations by Don Johnson

Wars of Latin America, 1982–2013: The Path to Peace by René De La Pedraja

Billy the Kid on Film, 1911–2012 by Johnny D. Boggs




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Author and Sociologist Robert Bartholomew on Mass Hysteria in Schools










The Atlantic Monthly magazine ran a major article about recent outbreaks of mass hysteria in two United States schools apparently spread by Facebook.  McFarland author and sociologist Robert Bartholomew, who lends his expertise to the article, “is is not surprised by the outbreak in the slightest.”  Go here for the full article.

Books authored and coauthored by Robert Bartholomew:

Mass Hysteria in Schools: A Worldwide History Since 1566

The Martians Have Landed! A History of Media-Driven Panics and Hoaxes

Little Green Men, Meowing Nuns and Head-Hunting Panics: A Study of Mass Psychogenic Illness and Social Delusion



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New Releases for September 4: Korea, Mud of Khe Sanh, Parapsychological Research, Sar Wars, Christmas

One Korea: A Proposal for Peace by Shepherd Iverson

Stained with the Mud of Khe Sanh: A Marine’s Letters from Vietnam, 1966–1967 by Rodger Jacobs

Advances in Parapsychological Research 9 by Stanley Krippner, Adam J. Rock, Julie Beischel, Harris L. Friedman, Cheryl L. Fracasso

The Star Wars Heresies: Interpreting the Themes, Symbols and Philosophies of Episodes I, II and III by Paul F. McDonald

The Christmas Encyclopedia, 3d ed. by William D. Crump




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Weekly Deal: Chemical Sensitivity

This week, August 19-25, get 20% off the following books about chemical sensitivity when you enter the coupon code MCS: