The Boys of St. Joe’s ’65 in the Vietnam War

“A compelling true story of high school classmates, the Vietnam War, and the complexities of life thereafter, The Boys of St. Joe’s ’65 in the Vietnam War recounts the valor of these brave American heroes who, having worn our nation’s uniform with honor and dignity overseas, returned to a country mired by protests, mistreatment, and something far less than a hero’s welcome. If you haven’t thanked a Vietnam veteran for his or her service, you’ll want to do so after reading this book.”—Senator Bob Dole

“Pregent has done a superb job writing about a small group of service members who grew up together and served their country with honor.”—John C. “Doc” Bahnsen, Retired Army Brigadier General and co-author of American Warrior: A Combat Memoir of Vietnam

“Highly personal memoir...all [eleven men] are memorialized through the many hours of interviews that inform this book”—Library Journal

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