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“The book comes at a timely moment. Americans are reckoning with a long legacy of White control in the brewing industry. This is an excellent book, a poignant one, and it tells an important story.”—Jeff Alworth, author of The Beer Bible

“Rummages through decades of history, tosses the myths, and unpacks the context to bring Mack’s improbable story to a modern audience in this deeply researched and briskly written book. You find yourself rooting for Mack and his Peoples Brewery, and also gain insight into the arc of American brewing over the past century. It is the sort of book that surprises even the aficionados among us. Highly recommended." — Tom Acitelli, author of The Audacity of Hops

“In 1911 the German-American beer writer John Arnold said that the history of beer is the history of the people. This is the history of Peoples Beer, and like the very best beer history, it is much more than the history of a brewery: it's the story, both fascinating and appalling, of a struggle for justice against prejudice.”—Martyn Cornell, author of Amber, Gold & Black

“Mack was a Black entrepreneur with a warm heart and a big personality who dared to believe in the American dream, only to have his hard work smashed by a cutthroat brewing industry and corrupt political system. Unflinching and beautifully researched, Lanier masterfully tells a story of a man who endured hardship his entire life only to emerge stronger through the sheer will of the American spirit. Ultimately, Peoples Beer is a poignant commentary on systemic racism wrapped in an inspiring story of entrepreneurialism and beer.”— John McCarthy, author of Whiskey Rebels

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