Legal Marijuana

Perspectives on Public Benefits, Risks and Policy Approaches

The legalization of marijuana has spread rapidly throughout the United States, from just a handful of states ten years ago to now more than half, as well as the nation’s capital. In Canada, it is legal to use and distribute nationally. Thousands of cities and towns are following suit. Legalization seems to be a win-win—people who use cannabis for health and recreation are served, business is brisk, and many governments welcome the much-needed boost in tax revenue. But not everyone thinks so. The rapid pace of legalization has spurred debate among citizens, cities, states and the federal government. This collection of essays explains the benefits and concerns, the policies and actions, and the future of this controversial issue.

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Cannabis Studies

In the U.S., as more states move toward legalization of recreational marijuana, discussions about cannabis’ role in healthcare, incarceration and legal ethics have flowered as well. Our Cannabis Studies books are a part of a growing interdisciplinary study of cannabis, covering everything from explorations of holistic and medical marijuana treatments, sociopolitical histories and more. Now through April 23rd, we’re giving 20% off our Cannabis Studies catalog with code WEED20 at checkout on the McFarland site.

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