“Surely, if any comic book super-hero ever needed to be psychoanalyzed, it’s Logan, the extraordinary X-Man known as Wolverine--and Dr. Suzana Flores has shown she’s just the shrink for the job!”—Roy Thomas, co-creator of Wolverine

“Like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, Wolverine is one of a handful of comic book characters who has become a cultural icon. His powers, personality and the mysteries surrounding him are often imitated and have had a profound effect on popular entertainment. It’s about time someone has done a definitive study on him. Enter Dr. Flores--who, like Logan, is the best there is at what she does!”—Tom DeFalco, former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics

Untamed gives incredible insight into Wolverine, one of the most interesting and complex super heroes ever. Dr. Flores peels back the layers of personal damage and super heroics to reveal the heart of the killer. Absolutely brilliant!”—Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine and Black Panther: Doomwar

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Some of you may share a guilty failing of our editors. While reading about almost any car—learning how it took shape, its quirks and qualities, how it changed over the production run—desire starts to sprout. Previously ignored vehicles show their hidden appeal. Costs (financial, emotional, marital) for said cars are calculated. If you’re the same, peruse our transportation catalog with caution! In addition to a broad range of books about automobiles, you’ll find offerings about aircraft, locomotives, bicycles, ships, military vehicles and transportation-related topics. When you order direct from our website using the coupon code TRANSPORT25, print editions of all transportation books are 25% off July 16 through July 31. Happy motoring and happy reading!

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