Forms & Sample Documents

McFarland tries to use form letters as little as possible. A few form letters that are commonly of interest, as well as other author aids, can be found here. The documents are provided in a PDF file format.

Sample Contract

Samples of our standard contracts may be viewed here:

For most manuscripts
For multicontributor essay collections and some other manuscripts

Author Aids & Instructional Brochures
McFarland has prepared for its authors several brochures which address common questions. While these questions are also addressed elsewhere on this site, these instructional brochures can serve as hard-copy “cheat sheets,” offering important tips and guidelines.

Preparing a Manuscript for McFarland (pdf)
Guidelines for Editors of Multicontributor Manuscripts (pdf)
Important Notice Regarding Photographs and Illustrations (pdf)
Index Guidelines (pdf)
Checklist for Manuscript Delivery (pdf)
Checklist for Multicontributor Manuscript Delivery (pdf)

Author Information Questionnaire
Once you have signed and returned your contract, you will be contacted about our author information questionnaire. (You might hear us refer to it from time to time as a “Form 10.”) Authors may complete and submit their questionnaire online.

Online Author Information Questionnaire

Marketing Questionnaire and Marketing Updates
At several key milestones during the publication process, McFarland will automatically contact you with updates or to solicit suggestions.  If you’ve misplaced your form letter (a complete list appears below), copies can be obtained by emailing Stephanie Nichols.  Note that most of this information can also be found under the author resources section of this website.

Marketing Questionnaire
Blurb Instructions
Marketing Update 1: Welcome, how you can help in the early-going
Marketing Update 2: Online pre-order page, promotional materials
Marketing Update 3: Review copies, author discounts