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What Others Are Saying about McFarland

“Over-the-top, first-stop-in-pop-culture reference maven” — Library Journal

“McFarland has done a tremendous service to sports scholarship” — Reference & User Services Quarterly

“McFarland is more than a publisher, it is a way of life…a mind-boggling array of subjects” — Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“The classic McFarland book: a deeply researched, lovingly produced and definitive enquiry” — British Chess Magazine

“McFarland has emerged as a source for interesting books on the obscure but worthy” — Hemmings Classic Car

“McFarland has done the field of Civil War history a service” — Sea History

“McFarland deserves considerable praise…a fascinating collection of books” — Appalachian Journal

What Our Authors Are Saying about McFarland

“My wife and I are at the reunion of the USS LSM-LSMR Association, and your wonderful flyer is a real knockout! It’s getting a lot of positive reactions and heightening interest in my book. Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your fine work. Thanks once again!” — Ron MacKay, Jr., The U.S. Navy’s “Interim” LSM(R)s in World War II

“The flyers and posters arrived yesterday and today. They are first rate. No doubt they will contribute to publicity as well as sales. Many, many thanks!” — Joe Dorinson, Kvetching and Shpritzing

“Whoever did that cover — say a big thanks from me. I mean, I love the other two covers, but this one MIGHT now be my favorite. It’s perfect for both stylistic and symbolic reasons, and I think the imagery really perfectly captures the classic vs contemporary vision of Artemis.” — Susan Bobby,  The Artemis Archetype in Popular Culture

“I took a look at the cover and really liked it. Once again McFarland has done an outstanding job!” — Richard W. Harrison, G.S. Isserson and the War of the Future

“On Monday I received my author copies of The Experimental Poetry of José Juan Tablada, and I absolutely could not be happier with the way the book turned out! It’s incredible, and I’d like to extend my sincerest thanks to all those I’ve been in contact with (and those whose names I don’t know, too!) who have worked on this project. Together we’ve made something really amazing.” — A. Scott Britton

“I just want to thank the ‘Team’ for all the hard work you put into the Hyde book. Your unique ability of keeping me informed and walking me through each step of the publishing process, made me feel as if I was your only client.The team’s knowledge, professionalism and patience was noteworthy. My highest praise is that I would highly recommend an author to choose McFarland to publish their book. You bring great credit upon yourselves and the McFarland Publishing Company. I look forward to working with you on my next book project.” — Jim Quinlan, Armed Only with Faith

“Thank you, as always, for being stone cold pros about everything there.” — Matthew Kapell, The Play Versus Story Divide in Game Studies

“We have received our authors’ and contributors’ copies of the book. We are delighted with how the finished book looks—it’s a really handsome volume. Please pass on our thanks to all those at McFarland who were involved in seeing the book through to publication and to Robert Franklin, EiC, who sent us a kind cover letter with the books. It was a pleasure to work with you all.” — Darragh Greene and Kate Roddy, Grant Morrison and the Superhero Renaissance

“The copies of my book arrived yesterday and I thank you. The book looks great. I also want to thank all of the people who worked on it. Working with McFarland has been a pleasure and you have done an excellent job with the book. You certainly have an excellent professional staff and they have done an exceptional job with the book.” — Lee Shift, William Terry Couch and the Politics of Academic Publishing

“Many thanks for the copies of my book. We are often advised not to ‘judge a book by its cover,’ but I am quite pleased to judge my book by its excellent, beautiful cover, as well as its fine general appearance throughout. Please give my best regards to your design staff and to all others who have had a hand in the publication of this book. Thanks for being my publisher.” — Alfred Emile Cornebise, The United States Army in China, 1900–1938

“I am not only pleased with the book. I am very happy with every aspect of it. From the cover to the formatting and outlay, it is terrific! I am honored by the presentation you have given my work. This is a dream come true! Most of all, I want you to know what a wonderful experience it has been to work with you and everyone at McFarland with whom I have had contact. Everyone has been so encouraging, helpful, and appreciative at every turn. It has been the most positive relationship I have ever had with a publisher, both personally and technically. I am honored to be your author, and honored for you to be my publisher. Thank you for all you and your staff have done!” — Rick Spencer, Harry Potter and the Classical World

“Yesterday, I received my copies of my latest book for McFarland on American Woman Suffrage Postcards. I just wanted to thank all of you and whoever else was involved in production for doing such a wonderful job. The book looks great, and the reproductions are wonderful. You all did a lot of work on this and I really appreciate it and the results that you achieved.” — Ken Florey

“Thank you so much for the Winifred Black book. It looks wonderful. We appreciate the work that so many of you do on such a project.” — Kate Adams, Winifred Black/Annie Laurie and the Making of Modern Nonfiction

“I want to thank McFarland for turning my dreams into reality. Your commitment has allowed historians to learn more about Smith and provide them with material that may assist in their research and writing. Thank you for allowing me to tell General Smith’s story.” —Allen Mesch, Teacher of Civil War Generals

“Before I say anything else, I must say that the cover looks simply stellar! It’s just the kind of image I had in mind—very well done! The color scheme is well handled: I like the brown backdrop with the mossy greens of the photo, and I like the species of teal blue for the subtitle. Overall, it makes a great impression. Thank you for the electrifying preview of the cover!” — Robert K. Painter, Faroe-Islander Saga

“I am so very pleased with the advertisement page for the book. It looks absolutely GREAT! I thank you for all work.” — David Baker, Women and Capital Punishment in the United States

“I went to the McFarland site and viewed the book cover. It is absolutely amazing what you all did with that photo! It is gorgeous! It never occurred to us to make additions to it but McFarland’s art department has done a superior job on this book cover! Joan and I are ecstatic over the results! It is beautiful. I can see the workmanship and caring McFarland put into the book. We are so grateful to you and McFarland for your supreme efforts. Thank you so very much. The beautiful cover is certainly going to say much about McFarland quality, and customers will certainly want to take a look inside. I think sales will go very well.” — Joan Craig and Beverly Stout, Theda Bara, My Mentor

“I am getting such positive feedback and interest [on my book]. I hope that this is a real winner for all of us. Thanks to all at McFarland who worked on it. I’m delighted with the final product.” — Mitch Shapiro, The Top 100 American Situation Comedies

“Today UPS knocked on my door and handed me Jose Raul Capablanca, A Chess Biography by Miguel Angel Sanchez. I want to say THANK YOU in capital letters to you and to McFarland for your courtesy in sending me a copy of this book. It is a state-of-the-art book and I am very happy with the final result of this combined work. Thank you for all of your patience and meticulous editing of the whole book and especially my article. It looks beautiful in print!! We nailed it! My wife, Barbara, and I send you a big hug!” — Dr. Orlando Hernandez-Meilan