How to Buy Ebooks

Almost all new books are published simultaneously in a print edition and an ebook edition. McFarland’s online catalog indicates the availability of an ebook edition on the book’s page (look for the “ebook ISBN” in the bibliographic data).

With the exception of some e-singles, McFarland does not currently host or sell ebooks directly. McFarland works with the major ebook sellers to release the ebook for the seller’s particular platform. These sellers include library-oriented vendors (EBSCO, for example) and consumer-oriented retailers (Google, for example). Book searches can be conducted directly with the ebook sellers.

Ebook availability inquiries may also be directed to

E-singles available directly from McFarland are usually available in both epub and PDF formats.  Where both exist, your purchase entitles you to both.  The files are DRM-free and are available to you for subsequent download in your customer account page.

Ebook Sellers Known for Serving Consumers
Amazon (Kindle)
Apple (iBooks)
Barnes & Noble (Nook)
Google (Google Play Store)
Kobo / Rakuten

Ebook Sellers Known for Supplying Textbooks
Copia Class
Follett Higher Ed (BryteWave, Discover)

Ebook Sellers Known for Serving Libraries
Baker & Taylor (Axis 360, Blio)
Bibliotheca (cloudLibrary)
Follett School Solutions (TitleWave)
Gardners Books
ProQuest (including the former EBL, ebrary and MyiLibrary)