Pre-Publication Endorsements (Blurbs)

Blurbs are brief endorsements from well-known authors, experts in your field or celebrities with some connection to the subject of your book. When available, McFarland often includes them in our catalog listing and (in shortened form) on the back cover of the book. It is nice to have a couple blurbs because they can lend a degree of prestige, working as part of an overall effort to influence perception of your book.  However, you are under no obligation to collect blurbs.

If you decide to approach people for blurbs, we advise that you limit your circle of possible blurb writers to authorities in your area of study whose opinions carry weight with your likely readers.  If a person you contact for a blurb responds with a positive endorsement that you’d like to use, request their permission in writing to use their words in support of your work.

We very much want to receive all blurbs for your book, and the writers’ permissions, together at one time, no later than the point when you return page proofs. Any blurb that is not received, with permission, by that time is unlikely to appear on the back cover of the book, though we may be able to add it to your book’s listing in our online catalog. Send your blurb materials to the attention of Kristal Hamby at

Please understand that depending on appropriateness, space availability, time of arrival and other factors, a blurb may ultimately not appear on the book or catalog listing.  We may need to shorten a blurb to fit available space, and may need to lightly edit a blurb (usually to correct a typo or grammar).  We will run an identification with the writer’s name, but these should be brief (concentrate on the most notable fact about the writer).