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Newly Published: Women Powered!

New on our bookshelf:

Women Powered!: A New Paradigm of Influence and Equity
Theresa del Tufo and George Banez

Power is the critical ingredient and the missing link in women’s struggle for equality. Although there have been giant steps towards gender parity, there are still barriers to overcome. This book is an action-based guide that demonstrates in specific and systematic ways how to replicate the successes of women who have effectively wielded and kept power. Through interviews, various women in high-ranking government, administrative and business roles share their journeys and influences, and how they developed the competencies and foundational traits to influence others. The author proposes the application of a new power construct—the WomenPower Paradigm—which rejects traditional Machiavellian concepts of power in favor of strategies such as honesty, trust, and mentoring.