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Newly Published: Star Trek and the British Age of Sail

New on our bookshelf today:

Star Trek and the British Age of Sail: The Maritime Influence Throughout the Series and Films
Stefan Rabitsch

Clear all moorings, one-half impulse power and set course for a mare incognitum…

A popular culture artifact of the New Frontier/Space Race era, Star Trek is often mistakenly viewed as a Space Western. However, the Western format is not what governs the worldbuilding of Star Trek, which was, after all, also pitched as “Hornblower in space.” Star Trek is modeled on the world of the “British Golden Age of Sail” as it is commonly found in the genre of sea fiction. This book re-historicizes and remaps the origins of the franchise and subsequently the entirety of its fictional world—the Star Trek continuum—on an as yet uncharted transatlantic bearing.