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Heavy Metal Music and Culture Catalog

It’s Friday and I have a bone to pick. When it came time to choose the cover art for this catalog about a subject dear to my heart, I wanted a black cover with no identifying lettering or logos. “That’s impractical,” said one coworker, adding “it’s a very bad idea.” Another simply stared at me silently with a look of disapproval. Even my own inner monologue turned against me, repeatedly telling me that “nobody else cares about your obsession with Spinal Tap. It’s annoying.” When our design department produced this cover (which I quite like), I pushed for the addition of an umlaut over the F in McFarland. As it turns out, there is no commercially available font that includes that character. You learn a lot of interesting trivia in the book business.

I’m nevertheless thrilled to present to you this latest catalog of scholarly books about heavy metal music and culture. There’s even a sale—get 25% off through the month of September! The coupon code is SMELLTHEGLOVE.