The News from Whitechapel

Jack the Ripper in The Daily Telegraph


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About the Book

“Early yesterday morning a horrible murder was discovered in Buck’s-row, a narrow passage running out of Thames–street, Whitechapel.”—The Daily Telegraph, Saturday, 1 September 1888.

This text is an annotated transcription of the articles that detailed the Jack the Ripper murders as they were reported by The Daily Telegraph, the world’s largest-selling daily newspaper in 1888. Providing explanations where needed, each chapter is devoted to one of the Ripper’s victims through transcripts of The Daily Telegraph coverage of her murder, its investigation and subsequent inquest. Interspersed with the transcripts are footnotes (the contents of these are drawn from Home Office and Metropolitan Police files, past and present Ripper books, other contemporary newspaper reports, and the authors’ research) that serve to correct what the newspapers got wrong, expand on certain points, or explain to the reader things that were common knowledge during this time period. Also included are rare illustrations including a previously unpublished photograph of victim Annie Chapman prior to her death.

About the Author(s)

Alexander Chisholm, an historian and the author of numerous articles on Jack the Ripper, lives in Scotland.

Christopher-Michael DiGrazia, the editor of Ripper Notes, lives in Bradford, Massachusetts.

Dave Yost has written several articles and essays for the Ripperologist and RipperNotes. He lives in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

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Alexander Chisholm , Christopher-Michael DiGrazia and Dave Yost

Foreword by Paul Begg

Format: softcover (7 x 10)
Pages: 248
Bibliographic Info: photos, appendix, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2002
pISBN: 978-0-7864-1385-0
eISBN: 978-1-4766-0714-6
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     vii

Foreword     1

Preface     5


September 1: “Mysterious Murder in Whitechapel”     8

September 3: First Session of Inquest     14

September 4: Second Session of Inquest     19

September 7: Burial of Mary Ann Nichols     23

September 18: Third Session of Inquest     24

September 24: Fourth and Final Session of Nichols Inquest     27

Commentary     29


September 10: “The Whitechapel Murder—Latest of the Series”     37

September 11: First Session of Inquest     45

September 12: Bloodstains Discovered in Hanbury Street     51

September 13: Second Session of Inquest     52

September 14: Third Session of Inquest     59

September 15: Ted Stanley Speaks; Burial of Annie Chapman     66

September 20: Fourth Session of Inquest     67

September 27: Fifth and Final Session of Chapman Inques     73

Commentary     78


October 1: “Two More Women Murdered in Whitechapel and Aldgate”     88

October 2: First Session of Inquest     95

October 3: Second Session of Inquest     100

October 4: Third Session of Inquest     107

October 5: Arrests and Searches     116

October 6: Fourth Session of Inquest     117

October 8: Letters from Jack the Ripper     126

October 19: A House to House Search     127

October 24: Fifth and Final Session of Stride Inquest     127

October 31: Upkeep Costs for Vigilance Committees     128

Commentary     129


October 1: “Two More Women Murdered in Whitechapel and Aldgate”     141

October 2: Further Investigation Into the Murders     153

October 3: More on Eddowes’ Immediate History     157

October 4: Eddowes Identified; The First Letter from Jack the Ripper     159

October 5: First Session of Inquest     166

October 8: Burial of Catherine Eddowes     174

October 12: Second and Final Session of Eddowes Inquest     175

October 16: Eddowes’ Husband Discovered     185

October 19: A Letter “from Hell”     185

Commentary     188


November 10: “Another Case of Horrible Mutilation”     195

November 12: Kelly’s History; A Queen’s Pardon     205

November 13: The Kelly Inquest     210

November 15: George Hutchinson and Matthew Packer     221

November 20: Burial of Mary Kelly     223

Commentary     224

Afterword     229

Appendix     231

Sources and Bibliography     233

Index     235

Book Reviews & Awards

“Most books about Jack the Ripper give the author’s opinion with regards to the suspects; this one gives you the chance to read what the citizens of London read each morning…wonderful footnotes…extensive bibliography and index…interesting…original images from the paper are included…an amazing resource”—Reviewing The Evidence.