Emanuel Lasker, Volume 1

Struggle and Victories - World Chess Champion for 27 Years


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About the Book

By special arrangement with German publisher Exzelsior Verlag, McFarland is reselling the first volume in a new, English–language series about German chess player and world champion Emanuel Lasker.  This is a multicontributor biographical work, with chapters by a number of acclaimed chess historians.

The first volume covers Lasker’s family history, his childhood, his schooling, and his mathematical work.  Other chapters highlight Lasker’s time and work in England and in the United States, and his contributions to chess problems and chess study. Chess-specific coverage, including many detailed annotated games, was provided by GM Mihail Marin and GM Raj Tischbierek.  Notably, Tischbierek examines Lasker’s competition against Siegbert Tarrasch for the 1908 World Champion’s crown.

About the Author(s)

The co-editors are Richard Forster, Michael Negele, and Raj Tischbierek. Richard Forster holds a doctorate in computational linguistics and the international master title in chess. He works as a specialist in artificial intelligence. He was chess columnist of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung for more than 20 years and has participated in six chess Olympiads.  He is the author of Amos Burn: A Chess Biography and The Zurich Chess Club, 1809–2009Michael Negele was heavily involved in the monumental German monograph Emanuel Lasker: Denker, Weltenbürger, Schachweltmeister (Exzelsior Verlag, 2009), the thousand-page predecessor to the current three-volume English work.  Raj Tischbierek is the editor-in-chief of monthly chess magazine Schach, and founder of Exzelsior Verlag.

Bibliographic Details

Edited by Richard Forster, Michael Negele, and Raj Tischbierek

Format: library binding (7″ x 10″)
Pages: 464
Bibliographic Info: 190 photos
Copyright Date: 2018
pISBN: 9783935800099
eISBN: n/a
Publisher: Exzelsior Verlag GmbH

Table of Contents

1 A Biographical Compass, Part 1
(Michael Negele)

2 Ancestors, Family and Childhood
(Wolfgang Kamm & Tomasz Lissowski)

3 Lasker in Great Britain
(Tony Gillam)

4 Lasker: The American Views
(John Hilbert)

5 Lasker and Mathematics
(Joachim Rosenthal)

6 Lasker’s Endgame Studies
(Jürgen Fleck)

7 Lasker’s Chess Problems
(Ralf Binnewirtz)

8 The Battle Lasker vs Tarrasch
(Raj Tischbierek)

9 Dominator of the Chess World
(Mihail Marin)