Dinosaurs Ever Evolving

The Changing Face of Prehistoric Animals in Popular Culture


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About the Book

From their discovery in the 19th century to the dawn of the Nuclear Age, dinosaurs were seen in popular culture as ambassadors of the geological past and as icons of the “life through time” narrative of evolution. They took on a more foreboding character during the Cold War, serving as a warning to mankind with the advent of the hydrogen bomb. As fears of human extinction escalated during the ecological movement of the 1970s, dinosaurs communicated their metaphorical message of extinction, urging us from our destructive path. Using an eclectic variety of examples, this book outlines the three-fold “evolution” of dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters in pop culture, from their poorly understood beginnings to the 21st century.

About the Author(s)

Allen A. Debus is a dinosaur sculptor and author of multiple books. He writes regularly for Prehistoric Times, G-Fan, Mad Scientist and Scary Monsters, and was a contributing editor of Fossil News: Journal of Avocational Paleontology. He lives in Hanover Park, Illinois.

Bibliographic Details

Allen A. Debus
Format: softcover (7 x 10)
Pages: 320
Bibliographic Info: 43 photos & illustrations, notes, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2016
pISBN: 978-0-7864-9951-9
eISBN: 978-1-4766-2432-7
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword by J.D. Lees 1

Introduction: ­Pop-Cultural Evolution of the Prehistoric ­Dino-Monster:

Meaning and Metaphor 3

Part I. Perpetuating the Life Through Geological Time Paradigm 11

One. Sir Humphry Davy’s Volcanic Considerations of Life Through

Geological Time 13

Two. Popularizing the ­Life-Through-Time “Paleo-Novel” 25

Three. Henry Robert Knipe: A Forgotten ­Paleo-Popularizer 37

Four. Dinosaur Extinctions I: When a “dinosaur book” Isn’t: Henry Fairfield Osborn’s Origin and Evolution of Life (1917) 46

Five. Filmic Illustrations of Life Through Geological Time 64

Six. Lovecraft’s Paleontological Time Travels 73

Part II. Doomsday Dinosaurs 85

Seven. Dinosaur Extinctions II: Volcanoes Presage Environmental Apocalypse 88

Eight. Sizing up Radiation’s Unnatural Cold War Dangers 99

Nine. Nuclear Dragon: Godzilla and the Cold War—1954 114

Ten. Godzilla’s Dinosaurian Origins 127

Eleven. Oxygen Destroyers: When Oceans Die 141

Twelve. “After and Before”: Gorgo’s Alternate Adventures 148

Thirteen. Prehistoric Life Spawns an Environmental Movement 172

Fourteen. Beyond the Smog Monster: Godzilla in the Anthropocene 187

Part III. Man and Dinosaur as One 199

Fifteen. Decade of the Dinosaur 201

Sixteen. Dinosaur Extinctions III: Warning from Space! Science Fiction Becomes Scientific 213

Seventeen. Shadow of Our Past: Evolution of the Beast 229

Eighteen. That First Intelligence 244

Nineteen. When Dinosauroids Speak! 255

Epilogue 265

Chapter Notes 277

Bibliography 311

Index 313

Book Reviews & Awards

“highly readable prose…. Debus is a master at bringing together both the scientific and cultural aspects of dinosaurs, and this book will be warmly received by anyone with an enduring fascination with the prehistoric ‘terrible lizards.’ Highly recommended”—Choice; “Debus has built a reputation as a superbly informed critical thinker, and this new book showcases his abilities admirably”—G-Fan; “a lot to read and enjoy”—Prehistoric Times; “a lot of detail and information… Not only will you come away with insight into dinosaurs in pop culture, but also a bit of world history as well”—Mad Scientist; “if you are interested in the history of dinosaurs in popular culture, Debus is an author you simply cannot ignore…Debus does a huge service to those who work in the history of science”—H-Net Reviews.