McFarland Historic Ballparks

Each volume in the series is devoted to a single, historic North American ballpark.  In addition to covering historical aspects, each volume presents many firsthand accounts of experiences at the ballpark–from players, media, fans, and others–creating a mosaic of engaging recollections that bring to life a place in time and space held now only in memory.

Submitting Proposals for the Series
To express your interest and for more details about submitting a proposal, please contact series editors David Cicotello and Andy Terrick at

A volume is expected to be a multicontributor work with two objectives:

  1. Cover the historical background of the ballpark, including current research about it.
  2. Offer firsthand accounts of experiences at the ballpark by a variety of participants.

Topics for the historical sections have included (but are not limited to) a profile of the major baseball franchise and its ownership; the construction of the ballpark and its place in the architectural history of sports facilities; the dimensions and configurations of the park; highlights of the baseball franchise; the demolition of the structure; black baseball; other professional sports played at the park; and prominent nonsporting events (concerts, political rallies, etc.). Additional subjects are welcome, such as if a team of the AAGPBL played its schedule in the ballpark.  Firsthand accounts of experiences at the ballpark are to be gathered from diverse groups.

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Showing all 6 results