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Newly Published: Advances in Parapsychological Research 10

New on our bookshelf:

Advances in Parapsychological Research 10
Edited by Stanley Krippner, Adam J. Rock, Harris L. Friedman and Nancy L. Zingrone

This book consists of a collection of essays informing readers as to the contemporary status of selected cutting-edge issues in parapsychology (or “psi research”). Each chapter comprehensively reviews a controversial topic from a critical stance, and updates its status based on the latest theoretical and empirical considerations. Chapter authors are authoritative experts in their fields who have captured the complexity and importance of their topics. This is a resource for both the serious scholar and interested follower of psi research, containing in-depth analyses and discussions of topics that cannot be found elsewhere. Topics include cross-examinations of psychical investigations; a meta-analysis of anomalous information collected by mediums; an examination of the relationships between parapsychology, quantum theory and neuroscience; and a study of psychics’ involvement in police investigations.

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New Releases for September 4: Korea, Mud of Khe Sanh, Parapsychological Research, Sar Wars, Christmas

One Korea: A Proposal for Peace by Shepherd Iverson

Stained with the Mud of Khe Sanh: A Marine’s Letters from Vietnam, 1966–1967 by Rodger Jacobs

Advances in Parapsychological Research 9 by Stanley Krippner, Adam J. Rock, Julie Beischel, Harris L. Friedman, Cheryl L. Fracasso

The Star Wars Heresies: Interpreting the Themes, Symbols and Philosophies of Episodes I, II and III by Paul F. McDonald

The Christmas Encyclopedia, 3d ed. by William D. Crump




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Weekly Deal: Psi

This week, we’re highlighting our large (and growing!) line of  serious books about psi and parapsychological phenomena. Through January 25th, 2015, get 20% off the following books when you enter the coupon code PSI!








Evidence for Psi: Thirteen Empirical Research Reports

The Survival Hypothesis: Essays on Mediumship

Reimagining the Soul: Afterlife in the Age of Matter

Anomalous Cognition: Remote Viewing Research and Theory

The Nature of Mind: Parapsychology and the Role of Consciousness in the Physical World

Advances in Parapsychological Research 9

Death and Consciousness

Something Hidden

The Invisible Picture: A Study of Psychic Experiences

An Introduction to the Psychology of Paranormal Belief and Experience

J.B. Rhine: On the Frontiers of Science

Mind-Matter Interaction: A Review of Historical Reports, Theory and Research

Anomalous Experiences: Essays from Parapsychological and Psychological Perspectives

European Cases of the Reincarnation Type

Persons, Souls and Death: A Philosophical Investigation of an Afterlife

Hauntings and Poltergeists: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

An Introduction to Parapsychology, 5th ed.

The Conscious Mind and the Material World: On Psi, the Soul and the Self

The Survival of Human Consciousness: Essays on the Possibility of Life After Death

Psychics, Sensitives and Somnambules: A Biographical Dictionary with Bibliographies

Consciousness Studies: Cross-Cultural Perspectives

A World in a Grain of Sand: The Clairvoyance of Stefan Ossowiecki

Is There Life After Death?: An Examination of the Empirical Evidence

Parapsychology in the Twenty-First Century: Essays on the Future of Psychical Research

Parapsychology, Philosophy and the Mind: Essays Honoring John Beloff

Basic Research in Parapsychology, 2d ed.

Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation, rev. ed.