William Steinitz, Chess Champion

A Biography of the Bohemian Caesar


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About the Book

Long known as one of the greatest chess masters of the nineteenth century, William Steinitz had a rich and elevated career and life, which can now be known as well. From Steinitz’s own writings and the fruits of extensive first-time-ever research by the author, a fascinating portrayal emerges of the life and genius of a man widely known as the “Bohemian Caesar” quite apart from his chess dominance.
Lengthy annotations for the 15 selected games are provided by modern grandmaster Andy Soltis, often augmented by Steinitz’s own observations. Three additional games are also included. Each game is illustrated.

About the Author(s)

Kurt Landsberger, born in Prague with the name Steinitz, is the champion’s great-grandnephew. He divides his time between Verona, New Jersey and Delray Beach, Florida.

Bibliographic Details

Kurt Landsberger
Foreword by Ken Whyld; ; Games Selected and Annotated by Grandmaster Andy Soltis
Format: softcover (6 x 9)
Pages: 539
Bibliographic Info: 46 photos & facsimiles (on glossy plates), 34 diagrams, notes, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2006 [1993]
pISBN: 978-0-7864-2846-5
eISBN: 978-1-4766-0923-2
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

List of illustrations.     ix
An opinion about this book. (Ken Whyld)     xi
Preface.     xiii

“At the chessboard, I am Epstein.”     1

“I was always better than you.”     25

“Inky ruffians.”     63

“He evidently has an extraordinary good memory, for he always makes the same mistakes.”     127

Between pages 170 and 171 are 32 plates containing 46 photographs and facsimiles

“Contempt without silence.”     171

“The old master of a young school and a young master of the old school.”     209

“The romantic surprise aroused me as never before.”     285

“The drummer’s tatoo was so continuous and so macabre.”     357

Tournaments and matches. (Ken Whyld)     405

William, the conqueror. (Andy Soltis)     409

The theory of Steinitz. (David Hooper)     465

Bibliography.     471
Index.     477

Book Reviews & Awards

  • “The amount of new quality material…is quite impressive. The only definitive…work on the first world champion. Anyone with an interest in Steinitz or chess history will have to have a copy”—Chesscafe.com
  • “Thoroughly documented”—Chess Horizons
  • “An enthralling biography…those who have a fascination with chess history will find this deeply-researched book to be engrossing”—Manchester Chess Federation
  • “Outstanding…should be in the library of every serious collector”—San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Highly recommended”—The Sun, Baltimore
  • “Very well researched…a significant contribution”—Inside Chess
  • “Outstanding”—Chess Gazette
  • “A really good read”—Chess Post
  • “Incredible achievement…I wish I had written this outstanding biography”—Quarterly for Chess History
  • “Highly recommended”—Time Trouble Chess Magazine
  • “Really interesting material”—The Star Ledger