Town and Gown Relations

A Handbook of Best Practices


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About the Book

This is a timely work on a very dynamic field. It provides more than 40 best practice case studies from nearly half the states in America, and discusses current and evolving trends in the relations between educational institutions and cities, towns and other municipalities. The schools include public and private universities and colleges, public school districts, and other local school systems. Case studies examine current and evolving state-of-the-art practices.
Appendices include a glossary; regional, national and international resource directories; bibliographic sources; model agreements and documents; a state municipal league directory; a state public library directory; and a summary of distance learning resources. The handbook is indexed.
The future of America’s cities and schools depends upon the proper management of resources through the use of state-of-the-art town-gown planning practices. Both public officials and taxpayers, faculties, as well as students, benefit from town and gown best practices.

About the Author(s)

Roger L. Kemp, Ph.D., has been a city manager on both the East and West coasts for more than 25 years and holds International City/County Management Association credentials. He has taught at the University of California, Rutgers University, the University of New Haven, and the University of Connecticut. He is a distinguished adjunct professor in the Executive MPA Program at Golden Gate University.

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Roger L. Kemp
Format: softcover (7 x 10)
Pages: 284
Bibliographic Info: glossary, appendices, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2013
pISBN: 978-0-7864-6399-2
eISBN: 978-1-4766-0170-0
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments viii

Preface 1

Part I. Cities and Schools

 1. Evolving Relations  Yesim ­Sungu-­Eryilmaz 7

 2. Social Responsibilities  Mary Filardo, Jeffrey M. Vincent, Marni Allen and Jason Franklin 10

 3. Opportunities and Risks  Paree Roper 20

 4. Land  Yesim ­Sungu-­Eryilmaz 23

 5. Sustainable Communities  Deborah McKoy 25

 6. Career Alternatives  Laurence Sprecher 31

 7. Revenues  Anthony Flint 36

Part II. Best Practices

 8. Amherst and Hampshire College Work Together to Enhance the Entire Community  Gregory S. Prince, Jr. 39

 9. Aspen and Partners from the University of Michigan and Other Schools Protect Research Lab  Joshua Zaffos 44

10. Boston, Northeastern University and Other Cities and Schools Are Building “Collegetowns”  James Martin and James E. Samels 48

11. Bridgewater and Other Cities Seek More Revenues from Bridgewater University and Other Schools  Christine Legere 51

12. Canton and St. Lawrence University Work Together to Maintain a Positive Relationship  Daniel F. Sullivan 53

13. Chapel Hill and the University of North Carolina Cooperate on a Positive Planning Process  Roger Stancil and Mary Jane Nirdlinger 55

14. Charlottesville and the University of Virginia Work Together to Solve Community Problems  Tracy Clemmons 58

15. Chicago and the University of Illinois Revitalize ­Inner-­City Neighborhoods  David C. Perry, Wim Wiewel and Carrie Menendez 61

16. Cutler Bay and ­Miami–­Dade County Public Schools Create Emergency Response Vehicles  Steven Alexander 67

17. Elmira Benefits from Elmira College Students Learning About Disaster Management  Adam Prestopnik 70

18. Emeryville and the Emery Unified School District Jointly Improve the Quality of Life  Deborah L. McKoy, Ariel H. Bierbaum and Jeffrey M. Vincent 73

19. Gainesville and the University of Florida Implement Neighborhood Action Plan  Charles E. Young 84

20. Greencastle Benefits from DePauw University’s Efforts to Strengthen Community Relations  Luke Beasley 94

21. Hamilton and McMaster University Jointly Provide Community Policing Center  Phil Wood 96

22. Kannapolis and the University of North Carolina Jointly Create a Downtown Research Campus  Mike Legg 99

23. Kingston and Queen’s University Work Together to Improve Neighborhood Security  Michael Fox 104

24. Los Angeles and University of Southern California Officials Train Future Public Managers  P. Michael Paules 108

25. Mentor Citizens Benefit from the Mentor Public School District’s Budget Daniel L. Wilson 111

26. Meredith Works with Plymouth State University to Provide Housing for Internship Program  Rob Baker and Carol Granfield 113

27. Middletown Works with Wesleyan University to Develop ­Long-­Term Neighborhood Plan  Laura Brown 117

28. New York City Benefits by Columbia University Working with Local Neighborhoods  Michael Porter and Paul Grogan 120

29. Newark and Its Public School District Improve Their Environment and Economy  Todd Wilkinson 127

30. Orange and Chapman University Jointly Plan for the Future  John W. Sibley 132

31. Phoenix and Arizona State University Receive Voter Approval

for New Downtown Campus  Debra Friedman 135

32. Pittsburgh, the University of Pittsburgh and Other Cities and Schools Learn to Include Citizens in Their Planning Process  Yesim ­Sungu-­Eryilmaz 142

33. Plano and Collin College Provide Student Internships, and Everyone Benefits  Robin Popik 145

34. Portland Works with Portland State University to Create a University District Plan  Yesim ­Sungu-­Eryilmaz 148

35. Richmond and Other Cities Work with Their School Districts to Make Students Better Citizens  Deborah L. McKoy, David Stern and Ariel H. Bierbaum 153

36. Richmond Citizens Benefit from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Investments  Michael Porter and Paul Grogan 164

37. Roanoke’s Eat for Education Program Helps Fund Its Public School System Ann H. Shawver 171

38. Rockland Students and Others Benefit from Public School’s Use of Business Model  Irving H. Buchen 176

39. Sacramento and Its Public School Districts Have Model for Joint Infrastructure Planning  Deborah McKoy, Jeffrey M. Vincent and Carrie Makarewicz 183

40. St. Paul Public Agencies Benefit from University of Minnesota’s

Technologies and Software  Carissa Schively Slotterback 188

41. San Francisco Area Benefits from Center’s Studies Linking Transit Development, Families and Schools  Ariel H. Bierbaum, Jeffrey M. Vincent and Deborah McKoy 192

42. San Jose and San Jose State University Build Joint Public Library  Lorraine Oback 198

43. San Pablo and Its School District Partner to Revitalize a Neighborhood  Ariel H. Bierbaum, Jeffrey M. Vincent and Erika Tate 200

44. State College Officials Seek Student Liaison from Pennsylvania State University  Adam Smeltz 204

45. Sugar Land and the University of Houston Work Together on New Campus for Educational and Economic Reasons  Allen Bogard 206

46. Tampa Benefits from University of Florida Bringing More Students Downtown  Yesim ­Sungu-­Eryilmaz 209

47. Warrensburg Benefits from Central Missouri State University’s

Economic Contributions  Bob Adebayo 212

48. Washington, DC, and Georgetown University Try to Relieve Town-­Gown Tensions  Kara Brandeisky and Jake Sticka 215

49. Williamsburg and the College of William and Mary Form Joint Neighborhood Relations Committee  Brian Whitson 219

Part III. The Future

50. Urban Renewal  Michael Porter and Paul Grogan 223

51. Citizens  John Esterle and Chris Gates 228

52. Students and Change  Deborah McKoy, Ariel H. Bierbaum, April Suwalsky, Erica Boas and Alissa Kronovet 236

53. Public Service  Zach Friend and Scott Collins 239

54. Technology  Maria H. Andersen 243

55. Education  John Dew 250


A. Glossary of Terms for Cities and Schools 255

B. Regional Resource Directory 257

C. National Resource Directory 258

D. International Resource Directory 260

E. Bibliographic and Reference Sources 260

F. Model Agreements and Documents 261

G. State Municipal League Directory 262

H. State Library Directory 263

I. Distance Learning Resources 263

About the Contributors 265

Index 267