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About the Book

From the horrific to the heroic, cinematic werewolves are metaphors for our savage nature, symbolizing the secret, bestial side of humanity that hides beneath our civilized veneer. Examining acknowledged classics like The Wolf Man (1941) and The Howling (1981), as well as overlooked gems like Dog Soldiers (2011), this comprehensive filmography covers the highs and lows of the genre. Information is provided on production, cast and filmmakers, along with critical discussion of the tropes and underlying themes that make the werewolf a terrifying but fascinating figure.

About the Author(s)

Bryan Senn’s work has appeared in Filmfax, Cult Movies, Shivers, Midnight Marquee Press and Monsters from the Vault. The author of numerous books on the history of cinema, he lives in Montana.

Bibliographic Details

Bryan Senn

Format: hardcover (8.5 x 11)
Pages: 408
Bibliographic Info: 146 photos, appendices, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2017
pISBN: 978-0-7864-7910-8
eISBN: 978-1-4766-2691-8
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments  vi
Introduction  1
The Films  21
Pseudowolves  272
Other ­Were-Beasts  352
Appendix A: Film Chronology  379
Appendix B: Film Series and Subsets  381
Bibliography  383
Index  389

Book Reviews & Awards

  • “When Bryan Senn writes books on cinema, many monster movie fans know he grabs their attention right away and won’t let go. This hardcover tome is amazingly thorough and will have even the most knowledgeable were-wonk sniffing out the details on every page as they discover films they may have never heard of or known very little about. The bottom line for this invaluable full-moon filmography is that it eclipses the reader’s expectations.”—Scary Monsters Magazine
  • “Known for his books on horror films, Senn has culled more than 150 full-length movies that feature werewolves and another 150 movies that include werewolves minimally…provides a valuable 19-page introduction about the significance of werewolves in popular culture…the author’s research (a lengthy bibliography is included) and insights are clearly evident…werewolf enthusiasts and film buffs will welcome this reference work.”—Booklist
  • “this book really delivers the goods. Very well researched…synopsis are full of personal comments, factoids, reviews and inside info. It is a major project and I enjoyed it immensely”—Little Shoppe of Horrors; “Senn gives [Werewolf films] their due here in this well-done new guide to the genre…a must-have for all horror film fans”—ARBA
  • “Although far from the only text on the subject, it is hands (paws?) down the most complete and comprehensive to date, placing it well ahead of the pack. For each of the many, many movies covered, Senn reviews it in authoritative detail and with a healthy sense of humor. Every werewolf movie you could possibly think of is here…. While valuable as a reference work, the McFarland & Company hardback is an absolute pleasure to read page by page, all 400-plus of them”—Flick Attack
  • “a beautiful looking, good size hardcover book. And if you’re a werewolf fan, a Naschy fan, or a crazy horror movie reference book collector like myself, then you need to add this to your library. I know it is one that I will be going to for reference anytime I start to tackle a subject from the lycanthropic family. It is well researched, well written, and very, very informative. And for a reference book, that is the best you can ask for.”—Kitley’s Krypt