The Immigration Handbook

A Practical Guide to United States Visas, Permanent Residency and Citizenship


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About the Book

While the United States remains a nation of immigrants, the path to citizenship is not an easy one—and in fact has become more difficult in recent years. In clear, readable language, this volume explains in detail every step an individual must take to obtain a nonimmigrant visa, an immigrant visa leading to permanent residency, or actual citizenship.
This book is essential reading for anyone involved with immigration—whether for themselves, a relative, or an employee. Examples of common immigration forms for the individual and for families are included and a list is provided of the most important websites for immigration issues.

About the Author(s)

Ivan Vasic, an attorney in Oak Park, Illinois, is himself an immigrant and has been practicing immigration law for more than a decade.

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Ivan Vasic
Format: softcover (8.5 x 11)
Pages: 224
Bibliographic Info: appendices, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2009
pISBN: 978-0-7864-4009-2
eISBN: 978-0-7864-5506-5
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface      1

Introduction      3

Part I. Permanent Resident Status

Chapter 1. Overview      7

A. Permanent Resident Status      7

B. Backlog      8

C. Immediate Relatives      8

D. Derivative Beneficiaries      8

E. Aging Out—The Child Status Protection Act      9

F. Adjustment of Status      9

G. Travel During Adjustment of Status      12

H. Work During Adjustment of Status      13

I. Denial of Application for Adjustment of Status      13

J. Rescission of Adjustment of Status      13

K. Visa Processing      13

L. Required Documents      14

Chapter 2. Obtaining Permanent Resident Status Through Family Relations      15

A. Relatives You Can Sponsor      15

B. Relatives You Cannot Sponsor      15

C. Evidence of United States Citizenship      16

D. Evidence of Permanent Residence Status      16

E. Evidence of Family Relationship      16

F. Special Rules Regarding Marriage      17

G. Affidavit of Support      20

Chapter 3. Other Family Categories      22

A. Amerasians      22

B. Widows and Widowers      23

C. Battered or Abused Spouses or Children of U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents      23

D. Orphans      24

E. Hague Adoption Convention      26

Chapter 4. Obtaining Permanent Resident Status Through Employment      29

A. Priority Workers      30

B. Advanced Degree Professionals and Aliens with Exceptional Ability in Sciences, Arts, or Business      32

C. Skilled Workers, Professionals and Unskilled Workers      33

D. Special Immigrants      34

E. Investors      35

F. Labor Certification      37

Chapter 5. Obtaining Permanent Resident Status Through Immigration Lottery      45

A. Eligibility Requirements      45

B. Application Process      46

C. Special Instructions for Photographs      46

Chapter 6. Asylum and Refugees      48

A. General Information      48

B. Asylum and Withholding of Removal Application      49

C. Asylum Procedure      50

D. Withholding of Removal      51

E. Spouse and Children      51

F. Work During Asylum Proceedings      52

G. Travel During Asylum Proceedings      52

H. Temporary Protected Status      53

Chapter 7. Useful Forms and Tips      54

A. How Do I Obtain a Replacement I-94 Card?      54

B. How Do I Obtain a Replacement Green Card?      55

C. Why Have I Not Received My Green Card?      55

D. How Do I Report a Change of Address?      55

E. How Do I Get My Original Documents Back?      55

F. How Do I Get Advance Permission to Reenter the United States If I Believe I May Be Inadmissible?      56

G. E-Verify—How Can I Determine Whether an Employee Can Legally Work in the United

States?      56

H. INFOPASS—How Do I Make an Appointment with USCIS or Check the Status of My Case?      56

I. How Do I Apply for Reentry Permit If I Am a Permanent Resident and My Trip Will Last

More Than Twelve Months?      57

Part II. Obtaining Citizenship

Chapter 1. Citizenship by Birth      61

A. Child Residing in the United States      61

B. Child Residing Outside the United States      62

Chapter 2. Citizenship by Naturalization      63

A. Residency Requirements      63

B. “Good Moral Character”      65

C. English and Civics Test      65

D. Naturalization Procedure      66

E. Selective Service      66

F. Obtaining a Replacement Certificate of Naturalization      67

Chapter 3. Losing Citizenship      68

Part III. Obtaining Nonimmigrant Visas

Chapter 1. Visitor Visa/Business Visa (B1/B2)      71

Chapter 2. Visa Waiver Program      73

Chapter 3. Canadian and Mexican Citizens as Visitors      74

A. FAST (Free and Secure Trade)      75

B. NEXUS and SENTRI      75

Chapter 4. Exchange Visitor Program ( J1/J2)      76

A. Categories      76

B. Employment for J2 Visa Holders      78

C. Procedure and Requirements for Visa Approval      79

D. Two-Year Foreign Residency Requirement      79

E. Waivers to Two-year Residency Requirement      80

Chapter 5. Cultural Visitors (Q1/Q2/Q3)      82

Chapter 6. Student Visas (F1/F2 and M1/M2)      84

A. F1/F2 Visas      84

B. M1/M2 Visas      87

Chapter 7. NAFTA Professional Workers (TN and TD Visas)      89

Chapter 8. Specialty Visa (H1B)      91

A. Persons in Specialty Occupations (H1B1)      92

B. Persons Providing Services to the Department of Defense (H1B2)      94

C. Distinguished Fashion Models (H1B3)      95

D. Physicians (H1B)      95

Chapter 9. Temporary Agricultural Workers (H2A)      96

A. Job Offer      97

B. Statement of Assurances      97

C. Duration of Status      98

Chapter 10. Nonagricultural Temporary Workers (H2B)      99

A. Procedure      99

B. Tree Planters and Entertainers      101

Chapter 11. Trainees (H3)      102

A. Special Education Programs      102

B. Duration      103

Chapter 12. Treaty Traders and Investors (E1/E2)      104

A. Treaty Traders (E1)      104

B. Treaty Investors (E2)      105

C. Documentation      105

D. Duration, Spouse and Dependents      105

Chapter 13. Fiancé/Fiancée Visa (K1/K2)      106

A. Documentation      106

B. International Broker Regulation Act      107

Chapter 14. Spouse of U.S. Citizen (K3)      108

Chapter 15. Religious Worker (R1/R2)      109

Chapter 16. Foreign Media: Press, Radio and Film (I)      111

Chapter 17. Intracompany Transfers (L1/L2)      112

A. Documentation      112

B. Blanket L Visa Petitions      113

C. Duration and Dependents      113

Chapter 18. Aliens of Extraordinary Ability (O1/O2)      114

A. Evidentiary Requirements for O1 Arts and Motion Picture and Television Industry      114

B. Evidentiary Requirements for O1 Science, Education, Business or Athletics      115

C. Consultation with “Peer” Group or Union      115

D. Duration, Spouse, and Dependents      116

E. Traded Professional Athletes in O1 Status      116

Chapter 19. Artists, Athletes, and Entertainers (P1/P2/P3/P4)      117

A. Athletes and Entertainers (P1)      117

B. Reciprocal Exchange (P2)      118

C. Culturally Unique Programs (P3)      119

D. Duration of P Visas      119

Chapter 20. Spouses and Children of Permanent Residents (V)      120

Chapter 21. Victims of Criminal Activity (U)      121

Chapter 22. Premium Processing Service      122

Chapter 23. Waiver of Inadmissibility for Nonimmigrants      123

Part IV. Inadmissibility and Deportability

Chapter 1. Inadmissibility      127

A. Health-related Grounds      127

B. Criminal and Related Grounds      128

C. Security Grounds      130

D. Public Charge      131

E. Labor Certification      131

F. Illegal Entrants and Immigration Violators      131

G. Lack of Documentary Requirements for Entry into the United States      132

H. Persons Ineligible for Citizenship      132

I. Draft Evaders      132

J. Aliens Previously Deported      132

K. Aliens Unlawfully Present in the United States      132

L. Waivers for Refugees      133

Chapter 2. Deportation or Removal from the United States      134

A. Grounds for Deportation      134

1. Inadmissible persons or violators of immigration status      134

2. Criminal offenses      135

3. Change of address and falsification of documents      136

4. Security grounds      136

5. Public charge      137

6. Unlawful voting in the United States      137

B. Deportation Procedure      137

1. Deportation of aliens seeking admission into the United States      137

2. Deportation proceeding      138

Appendix A. Form Packages for Various

Family Categories

Appendix B. Sample Immigration Forms      147

Appendix C. Web Sites      210


Index      213

Book Reviews & Awards

“recommended”—Choice; “essential reading by anyone interested in becoming a US citizen”—ARBA.