The Ethics of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

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About the Book

It may be a popular opinion that sports and ethics are incongruent or contradictory, but ethical principles in sports are in fact integral for its protection. Because of this invalid popular opinion, a new conversation on ethical principles and issues in sports is warranted. This should start here with a philosophical investigation into the areas of epistemology and autonomy with an effort to address ethical issues associated with the use of performance-enhancement drugs (doping) in sports, fair play, equity, and responsibility.
Readers are introduced to a new theoretical approach to addressing ethical issues in sports. These issues are based on arguments advanced on responsible freedom, perspective knowledge, and duties that can be utilized by sports stakeholders (athletes, team doctors, fans, sporting organizations, coaches, etc.) as they strive for success and minimize unfair practices.
Important questions are posed concerning respect for others, respect for rules, respect for the game, and respect for self. Also, an investigation into ethics and doping is conducted to unravel whether doping athletes impose undue limitations on their freedom. Thus, the idea of absolute freedom is questioned, and “privileged freedom” is looked into.

About the Author(s)

Sandra McCalla teaches philosophy at Kennesaw State University, Georgia. She has published several articles in refereed journals, as well as book chapters.

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Sandra A. McCalla
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