The Dinosaur Filmography


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About the Book

From classics like King Kong, to beloved B–movies like The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, to blockbusters like Jurassic Park, it’s easy to see that filmmakers and audiences alike love to see dinosaurs on the screen. This comprehensive filmography, arranged alphabetically by title, contains entries that include basic facts (year of release, country of origin, studio, and running time), followed by a concise plot summary, the author’s critical commentary, information on the production and the people behind it, and secrets of the often-ingenious special effects. Three useful appendices feature films with minor dinosaur content, planned but unfinished dinosaur movies, and the quasi-dinosaurs of Toho Studios. To be included, a movie must depict one or more representations of a “prehistoric reptile.” Inaccurate portrayals are included, as long as the intent is to represent a real or fictional dinosaur. Not eligible are films featuring prehistoric mammals, prehistoric humans or humanoids, and beasts of mythology—unless, of course, the movie also has a dinosaur.

About the Author(s)

Mark F. Berry is a technical writer and freelance author on the subject of genre films. He lives in Glasgow, Kentucky.

Bibliographic Details

Mark F. Berry

Foreword by Donald Lessem

Format: softcover (7 x 10)
Pages: 509
Bibliographic Info: 190 photos (22 in color), appendices, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2005 [2002]
pISBN: 978-0-7864-2453-5
eISBN: 978-1-4766-0674-3
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     vii
Foreword     1
Preface     3
The Filmography     7
Appendix A: Dino-Cameos and Paleo-Plots     431
Appendix B: Lost Worlds     435
Appendix C: It Came from Japan     449
Bibliography     453
Index     463

Book Reviews & Awards

• “Massive amount of information…ventures far beyond the basics…much insightful and humorous commentary”—C&RL News

• “Dino heaven…marvelously formidable…impressive…incredibly researched…this is going to be a classic…definitive”—Classic Images

• “Mark Berry has written a book you’ll appreciate. This is the most comprehensive and detailed filmography of dinosaur movies ever compiled. Berry’s research is first-rate, well-documented, alive with the quoted comments of the people involved, and written in an engaging style”—Big Reel

• “Fantastic…in-depth…must have”—Little Shoppe of Horrors

• “Berry goes on to produce a series of concise and thoughtful reviews…his opinions are judicious and fair…[he] manages to produce an authoritative text through a combination of style, enthusiasm, and, most important of all, a sense of humour”—Rue Morgue

• “Wonderfully engaging…only one of its kind”—Sci Fi

• “A combination of serious research written with a sense of humor…bibliography is fairly impressive”—Communication Booknotes Quarterly

• “Comprehensive…a great reference book with much behind-the-scenes info, plenty of stills and poster photos including a full color section”—Prehistoric Times

• “This massive book exhaustively catalogs ever single movie with a dinosaur in it ever made. Berry did a tremendous amount of work putting this book together and it shows on every page. An exhaustive reference guide that was obviously a tremendous labor of love…if you love dino movies, you gotta pick this up”—Toxic Graveyard

• “Excellent…exhilarating”—Dino Land

• “Brontosauran achievement…an enormous and extremely successful undertaking…a triumph of authorial research and reporting and a rewarding resource for readers”—Monsters from the Vault

• “Exhaustive tome…remarkable and entertaining…I heartily recommend…lavishly illustrated”—John Kenneth Muir, Reflections on Film/TV

• “The definitive book on dinosaur movies…great book…incredibly researched…the epitome reference work of the genré…Berry’s youthful enthusiasm, combined with superb research and great content, make this book a classic”—SOURCE

• “If you are a fan of these films, then you are going to have to be a huge fan of The Dinosaur Filmography… This dinosaur-sized book, clocking in at 484 pages, is a must-have in all libraries of people that love monster movies. … Where this book really shines is with the author’s commentary and the section on special effects. I was completely blown away by the discussions on special effects. … Do yourself a favor and buy this book today!”—The Basement Bookshelf