The 11th Alabama Volunteer Regiment in the Civil War


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About the Book

From inception to the final roll call, this regimental history traces the 11th Regiment of Alabama Volunteers from its 1861 creation to the Confederate surrender at Appomattox. The work follows the 11th Alabama through various battles including Manassas, Fredericksburg, Salem Church and Gettysburg. Drawing on personal correspondence such as letters and diaries, it presents the soldiers as individuals and contributes to the dialogue on why the typical Southern soldier fought in the war. The geographical movement of the regiment throughout the war, its key leaders and the organization of its companies are also discussed in detail. There are 81 period photographs that add to the story of this remarkable unit.

About the Author(s)

Ronald G. Griffin lives in Theodore, Alabama.

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Ronald G. Griffin

Format: softcover (7 x 10)
Pages: 294
Bibliographic Info: 81 photos, notes, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2012 [2008]
pISBN: 978-0-7864-7158-4
eISBN: 978-0-7864-9337-1
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Preface      1

1. The Birth of a New Alabama Infantry Regiment      3
The Process of Raising and Organizing a Confederate Military Unit in 1861      3

2. The Organization of the 11th Alabama Infantry Regiment      35
The Companies Are Ordered to Rendezvous Camps      35
The Companies Are Mustered into Confederate Service      48
The Regiment Is Organized and Equipped at Lynchburg      50
The Regiment Is Furthered Organized and Equipped at Richmond      52

3. A Whirlwind Week at Winchester      56
The Departure for Winchester      56
The 11th Alabama’s Stay at Winchester      57
The 11th Alabama Departs for Manassas      59

4. The Battle of Sickness and Boredom at Manassas      63
The Arrival at Manassas Junction      63
The Experiences and Developments Near the Lewis House      64
The Arrival Near Bristoe Station      70
The Encampment Near Centreville      73
The Encampment at Cub Run      77
A New Encampment Near Centreville      81
Winter Quarters Near the Lewis House      84

5. A Baptism in Blood: The 11th Alabama in the Seven Days Battle      90
From Manassas to the Peninsula      90
The 11th Alabama’s Position and Duties at Yorktown      91
From Yorktown to Seven Pines      95
The Battle of Seven Pines      96
From Seven Pines to Gaines’ Mill      101
The Battle of Gaines’ Mill      101
From Gaines’ Mill to Frayser’s Farm      107
The Battle of Frayser’s Farm      108
A Summary of Regimental Losses During the Seven Days      113

6. The Crippled 11th Marches into Maryland      115
From Frayser’s Farm to Gordonsville      115
From Gordonsville to Manassas      118
The Battle of Second Manassas: August 29, 1862      120
The Battle of Second Manassas: August 30, 1862      121
From Manassas to Harpers Ferry      122
The Battle of Sharpsburg      124

7. Bombarded at Fredericksburg and the Proud Day at Salem Church      127
The Stay at Winchester      127
From Winchester to Culpeper Court House      128
From Culpeper Court House to Fredericksburg      130
The Battle of Fredericksburg      130
Military Developments from Fredericksburg to Salem Church      132
The Passing of Time at Fredericksburg      134
Events Leading Up to the Battle of Salem Church      136
The Battle of Salem Church      137

8. The Brave Charges at Gettysburg      146
Military Developments from Salem Church to Gettysburg      146
The Trip from Fredericksburg to Gettysburg      147
The 11th Alabama on the First Day of Battle: July 1, 1863      149
The 11th Alabama on the Second Day of Battle: July 2, 1863      150
The 11th Alabama on the Third Day of Battle: July 3, 1863      154
The Casualties of the 11th Alabama at Gettysburg      156
The Prisoners of the 11th Alabama at Gettysburg      158
A Brief Evaluation of the Gettysburg Campaign      160

9. The Lull Before the Storm      161
From Gettysburg to Orange Court House      161
The Encampment at Orange Court House      163
The Bristoe Station Campaign      167
Winter Quarters at Orange Court House, 1863–1864      168

10. The Conflict Fiercely Intensifies: The Wilderness and Spotsylvania      175
The Battle of the Wilderness: May 6, 1864      175
The Battle of the Wilderness: May 7, 1864      178
The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House: May 8–12, 1864      179

11. The Battles to the Trenches of Petersburg      184
The Engagement at Hanover Junction: May 24, 1864      184
The Battle at Atlee’s Station: June 1, 1864      186
The Battle of Turkey Ridge: June 3, 1864      187
The Battle of Wilcox Farm: June 22, 1864      188
Skirmish Near Ream’s Station: June 23, 1864      192
Skirmish with Kautz and Wilson’s Raiders: June 29, 1864      193
The Battle of the Crater: July 30, 1864      195
The Battle of White’s Tavern: August 16, 1864      202
The Battle of Davis Farm: August 21, 1864      205
The Battle of Ream’s Station: August 25, 1864      208

12. The Desperate Struggle for Petersburg Is Lost      210
Events Following the Battle of Ream’s Station      210
The Battle of Burgess Mill: October 27, 1864      213
Events Between Burgess Mill and the End of 1864      215
Experiences in the Winter of 1865 to Hatcher’s Run      217
The Battle of Hatcher’s Run: February 6, 1865      218
Some Closing Scenes of the War      220
The Battle of Farmville: April 7, 1865      221
The 11th Alabama at Appomattox Court House: April 9, 1865      225
Some Closing Thoughts on the 11th Alabama      227

13. The Final Roll-Call of the 11th Alabama Infantry      229
The Field Officers      229
The Officers and Enlisted Men of Company A      230
The Officers and Enlisted Men of Company B      233
The Officers and Enlisted Men of Company C      235
The Officers and Enlisted Men of Company D      236
The Officers and Enlisted Men of Company E      239
The Officers and Enlisted Men of Company F      240
The Officers and Enlisted Men of Company G      243
The Officers and Enlisted Men of Company H      245
The Officers and Enlisted Men of Company I      250
The Officers and Enlisted Men of Company K      253

Chapter Notes      257
Bibliography      263
Index      269

Book Reviews & Awards

“detailed…a valuable resource. Griffin has made a significant contribution. He has ably honored one of the foremost fighting regiments in the Confederate Army”—Civil War News.