Sustainable Energy and the States

Essays on Politics, Markets and Leadership


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About the Book

With America’s dependence on fossil fuels painfully apparent due to world events and the resultant sharply rising gas prices, the search for renewable energy sources has never been more important. Still, the quest for sustainable energy is far from new. Since passage of the National Energy Act of 1978, states and the federal government have encouraged technological advances designed to make the United States self-sufficient when it comes to energy production. Government incentives and global-minded policymakers encourage development of alternative energy sources. While addressing the national issues of global climate change and energy security, the idea of sustainable energy must also find a way to appeal to an increasingly competitive market.
Through nine case studies, this volume explores the roles which politics, market forces and leadership play as barriers or facilitators in the development of sustainable energy sources. Beginning with an overview of energy-related programs and legislation including the National Energy Act of 1978 and the Energy Policy acts of 1992 and 2005, the book discusses the various financial programs and policy mechanisms used by the states. Each of the nine essays examines sustainable energy development within a particular state or region. The importance of the political climate, the impact of free markets and the value of effective leadership with regard to this particular technological development remains a common thread. Topics such as the perceived effectiveness of state and federal governmental efforts and prevalent attitudes regarding renewable energy are also discussed. Each essay includes an in-depth bibliography with many website resources to encourage further research. Statistical tables are also provided.
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About the Author(s)

The author of numerous articles and book chapters on environmental policy and toxic waste and technology, Dianne Rahm is a professor in the department of Political Science at Texas State University.

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Edited by Dianne Rahm
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Pages: 217
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Copyright Date: 2006
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Table of Contents

Introduction      1
1. Sustainable Energy: An Overview of Policy and Programs      5
2. Governing Energy Innovation: The Case of New York State      26
3. Renewable Energy in Texas: The Role of the Renewables Portfolio Standard      48
4. California and the Implementation of Renewable Energy Technologies      64
5. Renewable Energy Development Policies in the Upper Midwest      81
6. Sustainable Energy in New Jersey      108
7. Wind Power in Colorado: Small Steps Towards Sustainability      127
8. Massachusetts’s Policy in Context: Utility Deregulation, Regional Initiatives, and Constrained Renewable Resources      150
9. Sustainable Energy in the Oceans: Offshore Wind in the U.S.      179
About the Contributors      203
Index      207