Psychics, Sensitives and Somnambules

A Biographical Dictionary with Bibliographies


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Claimants of paranormal abilities have always attracted controversy and fascination, and sometimes rigorous study by scientists. Charles Bailey, an Australian medium, was seemingly able to materialize different objects—animate and inanimate—under conditions which made it difficult to conceive how they could have been normally produced. Sumitra Singh, a woman of Northern India who in 1984 became subject to epileptic-type seizures, claimed to be possessed by spirits of the dead. Franck Kluski was a Polish poet, banker and physical medium who specialized in both human and animal materializations.
This biographical dictionary contains profiles of 330 psychics worldwide from Tony Agpaoa to Elenor Zugun, each accompanied by a bibliography listing the primary sources consulted. The primary focus is on those claimed psychics who have figured prominently in the history of the subject, though some lesser-known figures are included to show how rich, varied, and colorful that history has been. The aim throughout is to present each case as fairly and dispassionately as the facts allow, with a particular eye for accuracy in details and presentation. The approach is historical, not apologetic or accusatory, making the work ideally suited as a permanent reference.

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Rodger I. Anderson is a writer and psychical researcher with over 25 years experience in the field. His work has appeared in Fate Magazine and Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research. He lives in Vinita, Oklahoma.

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Rodger I. Anderson
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  • “Fills a need in the field of parapsychological reference sources…excellent …recommended…well researched…impressive”—Journal of Scientific Exploration