Philippine-American Military History, 1902–1942

An Annotated Bibliography


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About the Book

Military obligations rested lightly upon the Filipino people for much of the period that America occupied the Philippines, but Filipinos could enlist in the United States Army and Navy, attend the service academies at West Point and Annapolis, or join military organizations restricted to duty in the islands such as the Philippine Scouts, Philippine Constabulary, Philippine National Guard, and the navy’s insular force. In the 1930s, the Philippine government established its own armed forces. Throughout much of this time, the U.S. army also kept a substantial portion of its troop strength in the Philippines.
This annotated bibliography of nearly 700 titles highlights the extent and variety of the Philippine-American military experience from the conquest of the islands by the United States in 1902 to the defeat of Philippine and American forces by the Japanese in 1942. The bibliography includes memoirs and biographies of Filipino and American officers and enlisted men (from MacArthur to Ferdinand Marcos), unit histories, army post and navy base histories, medals and insignia books, and the most extensive list of prisoner-of-war memoirs yet published. Annotations address controversies such as the widely disparate estimates of American deaths on the Bataan Death March and include previously unpublished information, such as casualty figures for American and Philippine forces in 1941–1942.

About the Author(s)

Richard B. Meixsel is an assistant professor of history at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. A former Fulbright scholar, he has written articles on Philippine and United States military history for Bulletin of the American Historical Collection (Manila), The Journal of Military History, and Pacific Historical Review.

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Richard B. Meixsel
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     vii

Introduction     1

Bibliographies and Other Reference Works     21

Philippine Armed Forces     26

Philippine Constabulary     27

Philippine Army     30

Philippine Army Air Corps     33

Philippine Navy/Off Shore Patrol     34

Philippine National Guard     36

The Commonwealth Military Mission     37

United States Army in the Prewar Philippines     47

United States Army Air Corps in the Prewar Philippines     68

United States Naval Forces in the Prewar Philippines     72

Military Posts and Naval Bases     77

Philippine Campaign (1941–1942)     83

Japan’s Philippine Campaign      129

Prisoner of War Accounts     132

Military Medals and Insignia     164

Appendix 1: A Note on Prewar Military Newspapers and Journals     167

Appendix 2: A Note on United States Army Official Histories     169

Appendix 3: A Note on Dissertations and Theses     170

Abbreviations     171

Author/Name Index     173