Military Loyalists of the American Revolution

Officers and Regiments, 1775–1783


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About the Book

This book focuses not only on those officers residing within the borders of the 13 rebellious American colonies, but also on those of the Canadian command and the officers serving in the Caribbean Basin. Part One lists officers alphabetically, including each officer’s dates of birth and death, his home and station in life at the outbreak of war, and his family relationships, along with his years of service, military rank and other relevant notes on his military career. Part Two includes brief descriptions of Loyalist military organizations, arranged into four geographical groupings indicating command authority.

About the Author(s)

Walter T. Dornfest is a retired librarian and professor emeritus from the City University of New York’s College of Staten Island. He lives in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania.

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Walter T. Dornfest
Format: softcover (7 x 10)
Pages: 524
Bibliographic Info: glossary, appendix, notes, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2011
pISBN: 978-0-7864-4815-9
eISBN: 978-0-7864-6181-3
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Preface      1
Introduction      3
Notes and Abbreviations      9

The Officers      13

Military Organizations

North American Command
American Legion      369
American Volunteers      369
Armed Boat Company      370
Black Pioneers      370
Brig.-Gen. Cortlandt Skinner’s Queen’s American Volunteers      370
British Legion      370
Bucks County Light Dragoons      371
Caledonian Volunteers      372
Collett’s Independent Company      372
Corps of Foot in Newfoundland      372
Corps of Incorporated Cavalry at Charlestown, SC      372
Delancey’s Brigade, 1st Battalion      373
Delancey’s Brigade, 1st Battalion (New)      373
Delancey’s Brigade, 2nd Battalion      373
Delancey’s Brigade, 2nd Battalion (New)      374
Delancey’s Brigade, 3rd Battalion      374
Diemar’s Hussars      375
Dutchess County (NY), 1st Company      375
Emmerick’s Chasseurs and Dragoons      375
Emmerick’s Company of Chasseurs      375
Forshner’s Independent Company      376
Garrison Battalion      376
General Skinner’s Dragoons      377
Georgia Light Dragoons      377
Georgia Loyalists      378
Governor Wentworth’s Volunteers      378
Guides and Pioneers      378
Hierlihy’s Independent Companies      379
Hutchins’ Independent Provincial Company (WF)      380
King’s American Dragoons      380
King’s American Regiment      380
King’s Orange Rangers      381
King’s Rangers (Carolina)      381
King’s Rangers (Rogers), 1st Battalion      381
King’s Rangers (Rogers), 2nd Battalion      382
Kinloch’s Independent Troop of Light Dragoons      382
Kollock’s Independent Company      382
Locke’s Independent Company      383
Loyal American Regiment      383
Loyal Foresters      383
Loyal New Englanders      383
Loyal Nova Scotia Volunteers      384
Loyal Rhode Islanders      384
Lyman’s Independent Provincial Company (WF)      384
Maryland Loyalists, 1st Battalion      384
Miller’s Independent Provincial Company (WF)      385
Nassau Blues (NY)      385
New Hampshire Volunteers      385
New Jersey Volunteers, 1st Battalion      386
New Jersey Volunteers, 2nd Battalion (old)      386
New Jersey Volunteers, 2nd Battalion (new)      387
New Jersey Volunteers, 3rd Battalion (old)      387
New Jersey Volunteers, 3rd Battalion (new)      388
New Jersey Volunteers, 4th Battalion      388
New Jersey Volunteers, 5th Battalion      389
New Jersey Volunteers, 6th Battalion      389
New York Provincial Companies      389
New York Volunteers      389
North Carolina Highlanders      390
North Carolina Independent Company      390
North Carolina Independent Dragoons      390
Pennsylvania Loyalists, 1st Battalion      391
Philadelphia Light Dragoons, 1st Troop      391
Philadelphia Light Dragoons, 2nd Troop      392
Prince of Wales’ American Regiment      392
Provincial Light Infantry      392
Queen’s American Rangers (also Queen’s Rangers)      393
Queen’s Royal Rangers      394
Roman Catholic Volunteers      394
Royal American Reformees      394
Royal Fencible Americans      394
Royal Highland Emigrants, 2nd Battalion      395
Royal North Carolina Regiment      396
Simpson’s Independent North Carolina Company      396
Smyth’s Independent Company      397
South Carolina Light Dragoons (Campbell)      397
South Carolina Light Dragoons (Fenwick)      397
South Carolina Light Dragoons (L. McLean)      397
South Carolina Rangers      397
South Carolina Royalists, 1st Battalion      398
South Carolina Royalists, 2nd Battalion      398
Stanton’s Volunteers (NY?)      399
Starcloff ’s Hessian Troop of Light Dragoons      399
Staten Island Troop of Horse      399
Volunteers of Ireland      399
Volunteers of New England      400
Volunteers of the Island of St John      400
West Florida Dragoons      401
West Florida Royal Foresters      401
West Jersey Volunteers      491

Armed Batteaux Men (NY)      402
Boston Company of Volunteers (MA)      402
Boyd’s Volunteers (NC, SC, GA)      402
Brewerton’s Volunteer Company (LI, NY)      402
Bucks County Volunteers (PA)      402
Campbell’s Black Pioneers Company (Savannah, GA)      403
Chrystie’s West Florida Negro Company      403
Chrystie’s West Florida Volunteers      403
Coleman’s South Carolina Independent Company      403
Commissary of Prisoners Company, Commissary General’s Dept. (VA)      403
Company of Rangers (Penobscot, ME [later MA])      403
Corps for the Defence of Sequestered Estates (SC)      404
Corps of Black Pioneers (Charleston, SC)      404
Cuyler’s Volunteers (NY)      404
Dunlop’s Corps (SC)      404
East Florida Loyal Volunteer Company      404
East Florida Rangers      404
East Florida Troops of Horse      405
Georgia Light Dragoons      405
Georgia Rangers      405
Goldin’s Independent Company (NY)      405
Hanscomb’s Black Pioneers Company (Savannah, GA)      405
Lord Dunmore’s Virginia Volunteers      405
Loyalist Volunteers (Yorktown, VA)      405
McKenzie’s Company of Negroe Volunteers (Savannah, GA)      406
Natchez Defense Force (WF)      406
Natchez Volunteers (WF)      406
Newfoundland and Labrador Fisheries Volunteers      406
Newfoundland Volunteers      406
North Carolina Provincials, McDonald’s Wing      406
North Carolina Provincials, Rutherford’s and MacLean [2]’s Wing      407
North Carolina Volunteers      407
Pensacola Volunteers (WF)      407
Pentecost’s Company of Negroe Volunteers (Savannah, GA)      407
Pringle’s Volunteers (Newfoundland)      407
Queen’s Own Loyal Virginia Regiment      408
Reid’s North Carolina Independent Company      408
Royal Ethiopian Regiment (VA)      408
Royal Foresters (SC)      408
Royal Foresters, Deveaux’s Bahamas Expedition      408
Royal Volunteers of North Carolina      408
Royal Volunteers of South Carolina      409
South Carolina Regiment of Light Dragoons      409
Spragg’s Independent Company (NY)      409
Staten Island Troop of Expresses and Guides      409
Virginia Troop of Light Dragoons      409
Virginia Volunteers Company      409
Volunteers of Augusta (GA)      410
Wagstaff ’s Company of Volunteers (NJ)      410
West Florida Provincials      410
West Florida Royal Volunteers (Pensacola)      410

Bahama Islands Militia      410
Bermuda Militia Regiment      411

East Florida
1st Regiment, East Florida Militia      411
2nd Regiment, East Florida Militia      411
Minorca Volunteer Company      411
Loyal Refugee Company [1st?]      411
Loyal Refugee Company [2nd?]      411

1st Regiment of Foot ([Savannah?])      412
2nd Regiment of Foot (Augusta)      412
3rd Regiment of Foot (Sunbury)      412
4th Regiment of Foot (St. George’s)      412
5th Regiment of Foot (Ceded Lands)      412
Company of Light Infantry (Savannah)      412
Douglass’ Regiment      413
Georgia Artillery      413
Georgia Rifle Dragoons      413
Horse Patrol      413


New Jersey
Monmouth County      413

New York
King’s County Regiment (Brooklyn)      413
King’s County Troop of Dragoons      414
Queen’s County Regiment      414
Queen’s County Troops of Horse (New Town)      414
Richmond County Battalion (Staten Island)      414
Richmond County Troop      414
Suffolk County Regiment      414
Tryon County: Turlock Company      415
Westchester County Chasseurs      415
Westchester County Refugees and Militia      415

New York City
Army Civil Departments Volunteer Militia      415
Enrolled [City] Militia      416
Volunteer [City] Militia      417

Levingstone’s Volunteers      418

North Carolina
Col. Robert Anderson’s Regiment      418
Col. Samuel Bryan’s Regiment      418
Col. Samuel Campbell’s Regiment      418
Lt. Col. John Moore’s Regiment      419
Anson County Regiment      419
Bladen County Regiment      419
Chatham and Randolph Counties Regiment      419
Cumberland County Regiment      419
Orange County Regiment      419

Nova Scotia
Annapolis County      419
Annapolis Township Volunteer Company      419
Colchester County      420
Cumberland County Regiment      420
Halifax County Regiment      420
Hants County      420
King’s County      420
Lunenburg County Regiment      421
Queen’s County Regiment      421
Sunbury County      421

Rhode Island

South Carolina
Chesney’s Troop of Horse      422
Fanning’s Independent Troop of Volunteer Horse      422
James Island Independent Troop of Light Dragoons      422
Lawrence’s Company, SC Volunteers      422
Sanders’ Independent Company      422
Beaufort District      422
Berkeley and Craven County Regiment      422
Camden District      422
Charleston District      424
Cheraws District Regiment      425
Colleton County Regiment      425
Georgetown District Regiment      426
Ninety- Six District      426
Orangeburgh District Regiment      428

Borough of Norfolk      429

West Florida
Associated Company of Loyal Militia of Tensaw      429
Tombeckby Militia      429

Associated Loyalists (NY)      429
Board of Associated Loyalists (NY)      430
Hatfield’s Volunteer Company of Guides (NY)      430
Hazard’s Corps of Refugees (NY)      430
King’s Militia Volunteers (NY)      430
Leonard’s Newport Fleet (RI)      430
Loyal American Association (Boston, MA)      431
Loyal American Associators (Boston, MA)      431
Loyal Associated Refugees (RI)      431
Loyal Irish Volunteers (Boston, MA)      431
Loyal Newport Associators (RI)      431
Loyal Refugee Volunteers (NY)      431
Maryland Royal Retaliators      432
Massachusetts Associators      432
NYC Associated Loyalist Militia Companies      432
Refugee Marine Battalion      433
Robins’ Company of Refugees (NY)      433
Royal North British Volunteers (Boston, MA)      433
Stewart’s Company of Refugees (NY)      433

Six Nations Indian Department      433
Southern Indian Department      434

Canadian Command
(Province of Quebec)
Boucherville’s Canadian Company      435
Butler’s Rangers      435
Harkimer’s Batteaux Company      435
King’s Northern Rangers      436
King’s Royal Regiment of New York, 1st Battalion      436
King’s Royal Regiment of New York, 2nd Battalion      436
Loyal Rangers      437
Meyers’ Independent Company      437
Monin’s Canadian Company      437
Rouville’s Canadian Company      437
Royal Highland Emigrants, 1st Battalion      438

Adams’ Company of Rangers      438
American Volunteers      439
Beaujeu De Villemomble’s French Canadian Loyal Volunteers      439
Corps of Royalists (provisional)      439
Detroit Volunteer Chasseur Company      440
Drummond’s Independent Company      440
Fraser’s Independent Company      441
Hawley’s Batteaux Corps      441
King’s Loyal Americans      441
King’s Royal Cadets      441
Leake’s Independent Company      442
Loyal Volunteers      442
Munro’s Batteau Company      443
Queen’s Loyal Rangers      443
Wilcox’s Company of Pioneers      444

Detroit      444
Detroit Militia Volunteers      444
District of Quebec      444
District of Montreal      445
District of Three Rivers      445
Montreal City Canadian Militia      445
Quebec City Corps of British Militia      446
Quebec City French Canadian Militia      446
Vincennes Militia      446
1st Montreal Levy (French)      446
2nd Montreal Levy (British)      446

Province of Quebec Indian Department      447

Jamaican Command
Amherst’s Corps      447
Duke of Cumberland’s Regiment, 1st Battalion      447
Duke of Cumberland’s Regiment, 2nd Battalion      448
Independent Companies ( Jamaica)      448
Jamaica Rangers, 3 Battalions      448
Loyal American Rangers      448
Turks Islands Company      449

Bay of Honduras Fusileers      449
Black River Volunteers (Honduras)      449
Jamaica Legion      449
Jamaica Royal Volunteers      450
Loyal Regiment of Dragoons ( Jamaica)      450
Mosquito Shore Company (Honduras)      450
Mosquito Shore Volunteers (Honduras)      450
Rattan Volunteers (Honduras)      450
Royal Batteaux Volunteers ( Jamaica)      450
Young’s Independent Company (Honduras)      451

Island of Rattan Militia (Honduras)      451
Jamaica Militia      451

Mosquito Shore Indian Dept. (Nicaragua)      453

Leeward and Caribee Islands Command
Barbadian Rangers      453
Carolina Black Corps      454

Antigua Militia      454
Barbados Militia      455
Grenada Militia      455
St. Christopher Militia      455

Appendix: Issuers of Military Commissions, Warrants and Appointments      457
Bibliography      459
Index      471

Book Reviews & Awards

  • “This work contains the foundation on which future historical research will be built…an invaluable contribution to Loyalist studies…amazing”—Patriots of the American Revolution
  • “valuable resource”—The Journal of Southern History
  • “invaluable…Military Loyalists is the fruit of the most painstaking, careful, and thorough research and represents scholarship at its best. It is an outstanding work, an essential reference for any serious student of the War for Independence”—Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research
  • “a detailed work…impressive…invaluable tool”—The NYMAS Review
  • “this book has been too long in coming…the most complete and authoritative source available…extensively researched”—Reference Reviews.