Memory Improvement Through EFT Tapping

A Way to Boost Recall and Clarity


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About the Book

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, or “tapping”) is a rapidly growing practice that involves tapping two fingers along specific acupuncture points in order to improve memory and sleep and to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain. While memory loss is a natural part of the aging process, many experience memory issues for reasons other than aging. Stress, anxiety and depression can cause forgetfulness, confusion, difficulty concentrating and other issues that disrupt daily activities, and research suggests that we can ease memory impairments caused by stress with effective coping mechanisms like tapping.
Offering real client stories and outcomes from research, this is a comprehensive guide to EFT tapping. Focused on improving memory, it offers practical applications for tapping that can alleviate everyday forgetfulness (like difficulty recalling peoples’ names), supercharge learning processes in people of all ages, and treat dementia.

About the Author(s)

Peta Stapleton, PhD, is an associate professor at Bond University, a registered clinical and health psychologist, and an EFT researcher and trainer. In 2019 she was named Psychologist of the Year by the Australian Allied Health Awards for her research. She lives in Queensland, Australia.

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Peta Stapleton
Format: softcover (6 x 9)
Pages: 180
Bibliographic Info: 5 photos, notes, index
Copyright Date: 2023
pISBN: 978-1-4766-9293-7
eISBN: 978-1-4766-5059-3
Imprint: Toplight

Table of Contents

Author’s Note x
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction 1
Chapter 1. What Tapping Is and How to Do It 7
Chapter 2. How Stress and Depression Can Affect Memory 19
Chapter 3. Tapping for Everyday Memory Issues 36
Chapter 4. Tapping for Supercharged Learning 48
Chapter 5. Tapping for Memory Loss and Aging 72
Chapter 6. Tapping for Sleep, Sugar, and Exercise 84
Chapter 7. Tapping for Alcohol, Smoking, and Blood Pressure 101
Chapter 8. Cases of Tapping for Memory Loss Disorders 116
Chapter 9. A Tapping Plan for Life 138
Chapter 10. Tapping Explained 150
Conclusion 159
Chapter Notes 161
Index 165

Book Reviews & Awards

• “Memory Improvement Through Tapping, Dr. Peta Stapleton seamlessly fuses EFT research with client stories and clear, practical tapping guidance to improve memory. Whether you want to improve your memory, or be less forgetful, or are a student looking to supercharge your learning, there is something for everyone in this book. Buy this guidebook now and remember to tap to improve your memory every day.”—Liz Boath PhD., author of Making the Case for EFT and Energy Psychology: Designing, Conducting and Publishing Case Studies

• “Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a tool for coping with many forms of life stress. Much research connects stress and maladaptive ways of coping with cognitive health outcomes such as memory impairment and age-related cognitive decline. Dr. Stapleton is the leading scholar and practitioner in EFT and she masterfully explains this research and shows you how to use EFT to cope successfully with life’s challenges and protect your cognitive health. Importantly, the book elucidates the many mechanisms through which EFT can positively impact your life and improve your overall well-being with special attention to remaining mentally sharp and optimally functioning throughout your life.”—Loren Toussaint, director, Laboratory for the Investigation of Mind, Body, and Spirit, Luther College, Iowa

• “Many thanks to Dr. Peta Stapleton for offering such clear and concise guidance in her universally useful new book, Memory Improvement Through Tapping. Learning how to release all the stress that interferes with our memory is beyond helpful—for ourselves and everyone we love. Peta’s new book offers us a path to enjoy optimal memory at any age.”—Carol Look, LCSW, EFT master

• “Not only is Dr. Peta Stapleton one of the leading researchers in the field of EFT/Tapping, she is also fantastic at showing people how to make use of this simple yet effective tool in a variety of situations. Memory Improvement Through Tapping is another great resource that she has made available—one that can be beneficial for pretty much anyone. While the primary focus is on strengthening one’s memory, it is also a valuable aid for managing other uncomfortable consequences of stress. This book will improve much more than just your memory.”—Brad Yates,

• “In Memory Improvement Through Tapping, Peta offers a concise overview of the main factors that limit and reduce our memory, and then a simple stress reduction technique to assist. The application of EFT tapping for memory issues is outstanding, and the fact that it can be offered to young children during their education years, to other areas such as remembering people’s names and even learning a new language, means everyone needs this book.”—Pedro Gondim, CEO, Mental Health Academy

• “Another brilliant book by Dr. Peta Stapleton. Memory Improvement Through Tapping is filled with clear and concise research, as well as examples for how to use tapping/EFT in the moment, to help reduce stress and ultimately help you retain information in your brain and remember where you left your keys (and why you walked into a room amongst other things)! She uses practical and easy to apply suggestions to help you feel like you are empowered by your mind, not as though you are losing it. The results are consistently and astoundingly effective, as I have used it myself many times (personally and with clients). I have been tapping for well over 25 years and I am forever a student to keep learning how we can use tapping to improve our lives. I highly recommend this book and suggest you keep it handy…you will refer to it over and over again!”—Julie Schiffman, MSW, tapping expert

• “What I love best about Dr. Peta Stapleton’s work is how straightforward and practical her work is. Memory Improvement Through Tapping is another perfect example of this approach. Even as a practitioner who has been working with clients for over 15 years, I found new practical approaches to understanding the issues around memory and simple straightforward ways to transform these issues. Memory Improvement Through Tapping is a must read for those new to tapping as it will hold your hand in a step by step so that you can achieve the results you want and for those who have been tapping for years as the book is will loads of golden nuggets of wisdom that you add to your more advanced practice.”—Gene Monterastelli, editor of

• “This is an important and timely book in light of our aging population and increased stress levels. Peta very clearly explains the science, and uptodate information on memory and stress. There are so many valuable examples and applications everyone can easily use and benefit from. EFT reduces stress and improves memory, as an EFT practitioner I see this in my clinic every day.”—Louise Sage, advanced clinical EFT practitioner, trainer and mentor

• “This is a must-have handbook for life! Who wouldn’t want to preserve or improve their memory when memory is at the basis of daily functioning? The interactive chapters will not only teach you how to improve your memory but will impart a deeper understanding of the things that impact memory in a negative way and how to use EFT to change what may be holding you back.”—Michelle McCosker, clinical EFT practitioner, trainer and mentor