Land Campaigns of the Civil War


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About the Book

This campaign-by-campaign analysis of the War Between the States presents the action from the opening shots at Fort Sumter to the furled flags at Appomattox. Battles both obscure and famous are examined in detail, covering each army’s move and countermove. Commentary is provided on the individual battles with attention to the role each conflict played in the greater scheme of the campaign and the war. The chronological arrangement of the campaigns allows for ready reference regarding a single event or an entire series of campaigns. The text is both clear and thorough, focusing on strategy and military successes and failures. An introduction to the events leading up to the war lays the groundwork for the military analysis. Maps and an index are also included.

About the Author(s)

Paul Calore has written on the causes of the Civil War, as well as books about its naval and land campaigns. He is a supporting member of the Civil War Preservation Trust, and lives in Seekonk, Massachusetts.

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Paul Calore
Format: softcover (5.5 x 8.5)
Pages: 272
Bibliographic Info: maps, appendix, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2012 [2000]
pISBN: 978-0-7864-7399-1
eISBN: 978-1-4766-1382-6
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments      v
List of Maps      ix
Preface      1
Introduction      5
A Note on Battle Nomenclature      11

I. The War Begins: Fort Sumter to Bull Run (April–July 1861)      13
II. The Border States to Ball’s Bluff (May–December 1861)      27
III. The War Moves West: Logan’s Cross Roads to Corinth (January–July 1862)      34
IV. The Peninsula and Shenandoah Campaigns (February–June 1862)      51
V. Cedar Mountain to Second Battle of Bull Run (June–August 1862)      61
VI. Antietam to Fredericksburg (September–December 1862)      68
VII. Confederate Counteroffensive: Iuka to Stones River (June–December 1862)      81
VIII. The Vicksburg Campaign (December 1862–July 1863)      90
IX. The “Mud March” to Chancellorsville (January–May 1863)      107
X. Turning Point: The Road to Gettysburg (May–July 1863)      118
XI. Chickamauga to Chattanooga (June–November 1863)      136
XII. From the Rapidan to the James (March–June 1864)      149
XIII. The Battles for Atlanta (May–September 1864)      165
XIV. The Siege of Petersburg (June–December 1864)      176
XV. Fight for the Shenandoah Valley (June–October 1864)      187
XVI. Sherman’s March to the Sea (October–December 1864)      199
XVII. The Final Battles for Tennessee (November–December 1864)      208
XVIII. Sherman’s March Through the Carolinas (January–March 1865)      216
XIX. The Evacuation of Petersburg and Richmond (March–April 1865)      224
XX. Lee Surrenders at Appomattox (April 1865)      233

Epilogue      243
Bibliography      249
Index      251

Book Reviews & Awards

“understandable and easily readable…clearly-drawn maps…excellent…quick reference”—Council on National Literatures; “very worthwhile”—The Civil War Courier; “clear and thorough”—Civil War Campaigns; “a campaign-by-campaign analysis of the War Between the States which examines obscure and famous battles in chronological order, including the characters involved, each army’s move and countermove, and commentary on the role each conflict played in the war”—Reference & Research Book News.