Journal of Information Ethics, Vol. 1 (Spring/Fall 1992)

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About the Author(s)

Robert Hauptman is professor emeritus of St. Cloud State University and editor of the Journal of Information Ethics.

Bibliographic Details

Edited by Robert Hauptman
Format: softcover (6 x 9), back issue
Pages: 96
Bibliographic Info:
Copyright Date: 1992
ISSN 1061-9321
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Editorial: Ethical Necessities      3

Publisher’s Comments      4

Reader’s Forum      (Future Issues)

For Sex, See Librarian: Peanut Butter      5
Information Ethics in the Workplace: Information Rights and Information Virtues in the Workplace      13
Current Issues: The Scientific Ethic of AIDS Testing     18

Knowledge and Ethics     22
Ethics for Online Educators     32
About-Face: An Opinion on the Firing of Will Manley     42
Library Security: The Blumberg Legacy     46
Bearing Gifts: How Librarians Deal with Gift Books and Gift Givers—A Detective Story     52
Pecunia Non Olet?     60
All That is Solid Melts into Air: A Prologomenon to Library and Information Services in the Post-Industrial Era     70

Reviews      83

Article Alerts      90

About the Contributors      95

Book Reviews & Awards

• “The only periodical exclusively devoted to all of the issues…. Diverse topics”—Choice

• “Noteworthy for the currency of its subject…intellectually stimulating…a fine blend of the practical and theoretical…a valuable source”—Library Journal

• “Points to the need for thoughtful exploration of the place of information (and of librarians) in the good (‘ethical’) life, both at the individual and the social levels”—C&RL News

• “Interesting and informative”—SRRT Newsletter

• “Interesting mix of contributors…lengthy book reviews”—American Librarians

• “Welcome…interesting and thought-provoking…highly recommend it for all libraries”—ALR

• “Readable…important”—People’s Culture

• “Courageous”—Sipapu

• “Some of the sharpest and most stimulating essays on the subject…responds to a very real need in the field. …excellent coverage of this difficult and increasingly complicated subject…a valuable and practical tool”—InfoManage

• “Thought-provoking columns and articles in a readable style…useful to anyone concerned with information in society. …recommended”—Special Libraries

• “Strongly recommended”—Journal of Academic Librarianship

• “Carefully edited…provide[s] readers with full discussions on [the] issues”—Library and Information Science Annual

• “Well-written pieces by librarians and other scholars. This thought-provoking journal should be required reading for students in library and information science programs and by practitioners and policymakers”—Magazines for Libraries