Holy War

The Rise of Militant Christian, Jewish and Islamic Fundamentalism


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About the Book

Temple Mount is believed by some Jews to be the locus of their ancient Temple. Known to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary), this site is home to two mosques, one of which is the third most holy shrine in all of Islam. Jewish fundamentalists want to destroy the mosques on Temple Mount and rebuild the Temple. Christian apocalypticists are financing and supporting their efforts. If the mosques are destroyed, Islamic fundamentalists have vowed to destroy Israel, resulting in the possibility of nuclear war.
This book addresses the idea that the recent rise of militant Christian, Jewish, and Muslim fundamentalisms and their interaction are endangering peace in the Middle East. It fully examines the thesis that apocalypticist fundamentalists—Christians in America, Jews in Israel and America—are working together to hasten the coming of the Messiah by instigating a Holy War in the Middle East.
Several chapters focus on three U.S. political figures—Jerry Falwell, Ronald Reagan, and Pat Robertson—who helped bring Christian fundamentalism into the mainstream of American politics. One chapter tells of Jewish preparations for rebuilding the Temple on Temple Mount. Other chapters document the rise of religious fundamentalism in Israel since 1967, Haram al-Sharif–Temple Mount crises involving Christian-Jewish cooperation, and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. Separate chapters are devoted to Israel’s nuclear program and political psychology, and the fact that nuclear weapons are leaving Russia and finding their way to Islamic nations and Islamic terrorists.

About the Author(s)

David S. New, holds an M.A. from Princeton and a Ph.D. in religious studies from McMaster University. He lives in Ontario, Canada.

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David S. New
Format: softcover (6 x 9)
Pages: 243
Bibliographic Info: notes, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2002
pISBN: 978-0-7864-1336-2
eISBN: 978-1-4766-0391-9
Imprint: McFarland

Book Reviews & Awards

“easily readable…well-researched…convincing”—Against the Grain; “extensive bibliography”—Choice; “surprising, honest, and incredible…high recommendation”—Axial; “a detailed survey of those sub-groups within Christianity, Judaism and Islam that hold to the idea that the truly faithful will survive an end-game for planet Earth, probably violent, that is inevitable. The bibliography is huge”—The Hamilton Spectator.