Frank Sinatra

A Complete Recording History of Techniques, Songs, Composers, Lyricists, Arrangers, Sessions and First-Issue Albums, 1939–1984


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About the Book

Frank Sinatra’s 45-year recording career and the songs he recorded: his professional biography as a recording artist; the evolution of his vocal technique and performance style; sources and variety of songs recorded; his 12 most-recorded composers and lyricists (20 others are discussed briefly); his interaction with his six major sources of orchestration; his recording sessions; a review of all albums referenced; and the technical and commercial side of his career.
Supporting the research are a master song list (approximately 1,250 recordings), songs by publication date, composer and lyricist indexes, every arrangers work (listing each conductor and orchestra), a detailed list of recording sessions—in order—plus radio, television and film work, and three album lists, showing contents, order of first releases, label sequence and producers.

About the Author(s)

Richard W. Ackelson was a financial specialist with Sirti, an agency that trains biomedical researchers, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Now retired, he lives in Spokane, Washington.

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Richard W. Ackelson
Format: softcover (6 x 9)
Pages: 480
Bibliographic Info: indexes
Copyright Date: 2012 [1992]
pISBN: 978-0-7864-6701-3
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments      ix

Introduction      xi

1: The Man      1

2: The Singer      19

3: The Songs      30

Introduction to Master Song List      38

Master Song List      41

Catalog of Songs by Date Published      225

4: The Composers      242

Index to Composers      271

5: The Lyricists      278

Index to Lyricists      309

6: The Arrangers      316

Catalog of Arrangers      346

7: The Sessions      358

Catalog of Recording Sessions      363

The Cities for the Sessions      382

8: The Albums; plus singles and special discs      384

Introduction to the Three Album Lists      421

Albums #I: Contents; alphabetical by LP title      424

Albums #2: Titles by Release Date; with Notes      439

Albums #3: Titles by Label; with Producers      444

Index to Text      450

Book Reviews & Awards

“recommended”—Classic Images; “definitive”—Back Stage/Shoot.