Forgotten Allies

The Military Contribution of the Colonies, Exiled Governments, and Lesser Powers to the Allied Victory in World War II


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About the Book

Many nations played a role as belligerents on the Allied side in World War II. Many were in the thick of combat and made grave national sacrifices—yet general histories mention them only briefly or omit their story entirely.
The assisting troops are given their due in this unique, comprehensive and readable history. Included are chapters about land and sea troops from such countries as Fiji, Trans-Jordan, Luxembourg, Brazil, Iran and Nigeria, as well as Maori, Assyrians, Gurkhas, Free Poles, and others.
Knowing the lines drawn more than 70 years ago between sides will enable anyone to understand better national enmities and relations today.

About the Author(s)

J. Lee Ready is a military historian living in Preston, Lancashire, England.

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J. Lee Ready
Format: softcover (6 x 9 in 2 vols.)
Pages: 720
Bibliographic Info: bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2012 [1985]
pISBN: 978-0-7864-7168-3
eISBN: 978-0-7864-9344-9
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments      ix

Sources Consulted      xi

Introduction      xvii

Part One: The Lion Awakes

1. Lion, Lioness, and Cubs      1

The Lion      1

Cubs      3

The Lioness      4

2. First Moves      6

The War at Sea      6

Intermission      8

Hitler Advances to the Arctic      9

3. New Allies–Spring 1940      13

The War in France      15

Free Norway      16

The Fall of France      16

4. Britain Alone?      18

Refugee Warriors      18

A Friend in Need      19

5. The Battle of Britain and the Contribution of the Forgotten Allies      24

The Few      27

Part Two: Side Shows

6. The Beginning of the French Civil War      31

7. The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire–1940-1941      33

The Greek Fiasco      37

African Fiasco      37

8. Big Brother Steps In–North Africa, Spring 1941      46

9. The Warm Seas Campaign–1940-1941      51

10. The Battle of the Atlantic–1940-1941      55

11. For the Glory of France–July 1940 to February 1941      59

Part Three: New Allies: New Enemies

12. Anzacs in the Aegean-Spring 1941      63

13. The Middle East Wars-April to August 1941      74

Iraq      74

Syria      77

Iran      82

14. A Score of Nations-June to December 1941      85

The New War in Europe      85

The Old War in Africa      86

Part Four: A Whole New Ballgame

15. Japan First?      101

16. Africa: A Repeat Performance      103

17. The War in the Indian Ocean: Madagascar      121

18. Monty’s Multi-National Army      124

19. America Enters the French Civil War      137

20. Hidden Flank: The Fezzan Campaign      143

21. The War in the Sea–1940 to 1942      147

22. The War in the Clouds–1940 to 1942      155

23. Special Forces–1940 to 1942      165

Part Five: On the Winning Side

24. Tunisia      179

25. Sicily: Occupation or Liberation?      191

26. The Italian Civil War      198

27. The Crawl Across ltaly–September to December 1943      214

28. Cassino      222

29. The Race for Rome      234

30. The Terror Below the Waves–1943      238

31. The Terror Above the Waves–1943      243

32. The Sea: Prelude to the Great Invasions–January to June 1944      248

33. With the Greatest of Ease: The Allied Air Forces in Britain–January 1943 to June 1944      251

34.The Remainder of Europe      267

Denmark: Ally or Enemy?      267

Crusade in the East      269

The Neutrals      272

35. Waiting in the Wings      277

Book Reviews & Awards

“invaluable”—; “substantial and valuable…these two volumes are not only significant but also important contributions and correctives to our vast accumulation of historical literature on World War II”—American Historical Review; “a useful and insightful study, Ready…provides interesting and critical viewpoints on the role of these “forgotten allies” and on the attitudes of the great powers toward their lesser comrades in arms”—Army; “exhaustive”—The Book Report.