Elías Nandino

Selected Poems, in Spanish and English


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About the Book

Though Latin America has a strong tradition of poetry, many of its best poets remain untranslated in the United States. Elías Nandino (1900–1993) was a Mexican poet who made his living as a surgeon and physician. He published twenty volumes of poetry in his lifetime, work often focused on solitude, eroticism, and love. In recognition of his dedication to teaching and assisting young writers, the National Young Poets Prize in Mexico is named in his honor. This is the first book-length English translation of Nandino’s poetry.

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About the Author(s)

Don Cellini is professor emeritus of Spanish at Adrian College in Michigan. He is the author of five books of poetry and four books of translations, primarily poets from Mexico.

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Elías Nandino

Translated and with an Introduction by Don Cellini

Format: softcover (6 x 9)
Pages: 184
Bibliographic Info: 12 photos, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2010
pISBN: 978-0-7864-4905-7
eISBN: 978-0-7864-5679-6
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments      vi

Preface      1

Introduction      5


Poema prefacio / Preface Poem      28/29

Árbol de magnolia / Magnolia Tree      30/31

Mi pueblo / My Village      30/31

Autodefensa / Self Defense      32/33

Sobre tus ojos dormidos/ On Your Sleeping Eyes      34/35

¿Por qué no soy yo tu cuerpo? / Why Can’t I Be Your Body?      36/37

Mi primer amor / My First Love      38/39

1No sé cómo mirar para encontrarte… / I Don’t Know How to Search for You      40/41

Estás en mí… / You Are in Me…      42/43

Más lejos / Further      44/45

No te acerques a mi / Don’t Come Near Me      50/51

Sonetos al desamor / Sonnets to Indifference      54/55

Poema en tu cuerpo / Poem on Your Body      58/59

Décimas del recuerdo / Poems of Remembering      64/65

Décimas para un poeta difunto / Poems for a Deceased Poet      66/67

Epílogos a un poeta difunto / Epilogues for a Deceased Poet      68/69

En cada mañana / Every Morning      72/73

Poema íntimo / Intimate Poem      76/77

Si hubieras sido tú / If It Was You      78/79

Poema en las sombras / Poem in the Shadows      82/83

Nocturna suma / Nocturne: Summa      84/85

Nocturno cuerpo / Nocturne: Body      86/87

Nocturna palabra /Nocturne: Word      92/93

Nocturno amor / Nocturne: Love      96/97

Nocturno en llamas/ Nocturne: In Flames      98/99

Inmortalidad del Comandante Guevara/The Immortality of Commandant Guevara      104/105

Nocturno ciego/ Nocturne: Blind      108/109

Nocturno alquimia de mis sueños / Nocturne: Alchemy of My Dreams      128/129

Tengo miedo / I Am Afraid      132/133

¿Qué es morir? / What Is Dying?      132/133

Diálogo en sombras / Dialogue in Shadows      134/135

Poema a mi dios / Poem to My God      136/137

Poema de mi fe / Poem of My Faith      138/139

Dentro de mí / Inside of Me      140/141

Perfección fugaz/ Fleeting Perfection      142/143

Casi a la orilla / Almost to the Shore      144/145

Pre-Meditación / Pre-Meditated      144/145

El poema inasible / Out-of-Reach Poem      146/147

Meteoro / Meteor      148/149

Cuando las campanas / When the Bells      148/149

Derecho de propiedad / Property Rights      150/151

Eternidad carnal / Sexual Eternity      150/151

Nocturno a tientas/ Nocturne: Groping      152/153

Pinche orgullo /Damned Pride      154/155

Aclaración / Clarification      156/157

Hay veces que salimos / Sometimes When We Go Out      158/159

Las iguanas / The Iguanas      160/161

Luciérnagas / Fireflies      160/161

El eclipse / The Eclipse      162/163

Pradera de haikais / A Meadow of Haiku      162/163

En una noche / One Night      164/165

Con la sonrisa / With a Smile      164/165

Algún día/ Some Day      166/167

Bibliography      169

Index      173