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About the Book

For the layperson and the paleontologist, this is the definitive reference work on dinosaurian genera. Section I provides a thorough history of fieldwork, laboratory studies and paleontological research, and outlines several of the scientific theories of dinosaur extinction. Section II provides dinosaurian systematics toward the end of organizing the various taxa into a convenient and workable order. Section III is an alphabetically arranged compilation of dinosaurian genera. Section IV details the doubtful genera that have appeared in the paleontological literature. Section V lists “excluded genera,” or taxa that had been previously regarded as dinosaurian. This heavily illustrated volume contains many depictions of life models constructed by experts in vertebrate paleontology restoration and based on the original fossil material. Supplemental volumes do not repeat information from earlier volumes, but build upon them: view all volumes on the series page.

About the Author(s)

Donald F. Glut is a prolific book and article writer, and movie producer-director. He is the president of Frontline Entertainment and lives in Burbank, California.

Bibliographic Details

Donald F. Glut

Foreword by Michael K. Brett-Surman,Ph.D., Vertebrate Paleontology

Format: softcover (8.5 x 11 in 3 vols.)
Pages: 1088
Bibliographic Info: 1,439 photos, glossary, appendices, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2012 [1997]
pISBN: 978-0-7864-7222-2
Imprint: McFarland
Series: Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia

Table of Contents

Volume 1
Acknowledgments      v
Foreword, by Michael K. Brett-Surman, Ph.D.       vii
Preface      xi

I A Background      1
The Mesozoic Era      6
Dinosaur Origins and Relationships      18
Birds and Dinosaurs      20
Dinosaur Success      22
“Warm-Blooded” versus “Cold-Blooded” Dinosaurs      23
Dinosaur Extinctions      29

II Dinosaurian Systematics      35
Explanations of Higher Taxa of the Dinosauria

III Dinosaurian Genera (A–D)      75

Volume 2
III Dinosaurian Genera (E–R)      382

Volume 3
III Dinosaurian Genera (S–Z)      777
IV Nomina Nuda      995
V Excluded Genera      1003
A List of Abbreviations      1011
Glossary      1015
Bibliography      1023
Index      1059

Book Reviews & Awards

  • ALA Outstanding Reference Source
  • “Recommended…the definitive work on dinosaur science and the latest studies surrounding them…a must for any holding that wants a solid dinosaur reference”—Midwest Book Review;
  • “Highly recommended”—Choice;
  • “Extensive…recommended”—Booklist;
  • “A welcome resource for all libraries and individuals…useful and informative…superb supplementary volume[s]…extensive bibliography…recommended”—ARBA;
  • “Grander than anything ever accomplished of similar title or reputation”—Dinosaur World;
  • “Solidly scientific…plentiful illustrations and photographs provide for fascinating browsing”—Reference & User Services Quarterly;
  • “The most thorough and most scholarly dinosaur encyclopedia yet”—Rettig on Reference;
  • “THE dinosaur encyclopedia”—VOYA;
  • “Extremely comprehensive…essential”—Science & Technology Libraries;
  • “An incredibly thorough book”—Discovery Channel;
  • “Thoroughly useful”—American Libraries; “an unabashedly monumental archive”—BioScience;
  • “Packed with information”—Dinosaur Society;
  • “A must have…incredible…indispensable”—Priscum.