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About the Book

This is the first supplement to the highly acclaimed Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia that was named an ALA Outstanding Reference Book. The new work, which maintains the arrangement of the primary volume and is up to date late into 1998, includes well over a dozen new dinosaurian genera and even more new species and new life restorations. Section I provides introductory text on subtopics such as “The Mesozoic Era,” “Ectothermy Versus Endothermy” and “Dinosaur Extinctions.” Section II continues the workable ordering of dinosaurian systematics. Section III continues the alphabetical compilation of new dinosaurian genera. Section IV continues the detailing of doubtful genera that have appeared in the paleontological literature.

Supplemental volumes do not repeat information from earlier volumes, but build upon them: : view all volumes on the series page.

About the Author(s)

Donald F. Glut is a prolific book and article writer, and movie producer-director. He is the president of Frontline Entertainment and lives in Burbank, California.

Bibliographic Details

Donald F. Glut
Foreword by Ralph E. Molnar, Ph.D.
Format: softcover (8.5 x 11)
Pages: 456
Bibliographic Info: 353 photos, glossary, appendices, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2022 [2000]
pISBN: 978-1-4766-8900-5
Imprint: McFarland
Series: Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments v

Foreword, by Ralph E. Molnar, Ph.D. vii

Preface xi

I    Introduction 1

Dinosaurs and the Public 5

The Mesozoic Era 12

New Discoveries, Ideas and Studies 13

Ectothermy Versus Endothermy 40

Dinosaurs and Birds 45

Dinosaur Extinctions 62

II   Dinosaurian Systematics 71

III  Dinosaurian Genera 113

IV  Excluded Genera 379

A List of Abbreviations 383

Appendix One: Corrected Derivations of Dinosaur Names 385

Appendix Two: Museums Exhibiting Dinosaurs 387

Glossary 399

Bibliography 409

Index 433

Book Reviews & Awards

• “Highly recommended”—Choice

• “Extensive…recommended”—Booklist

• “A welcome resource for all libraries and individuals…useful and informative…superb supplementary volume[s]…extensive bibliography…recommended”—ARBA

• “Updates the comprehensive coverage available in the parent volume. Libraries that already own the original Encyclopedia will definitely want a copy of the supplement”—Against the Grain

• “The most comprehensive overview of dinosaurs ever attempted…incredible…an indispensable resource”—Priscum

• “Crammed with information”—Dinosaur Society

• “Has an introduction that’s a superlative overview of controversial topics within paleontology…a must have item for anyone…a welcome and scholarly respite”—Discovery Channel

• “Massive…numerous references support the text. The comprehensive bibliography is an invaluable addition to this scholarly treatise of late millennial Dinosauria. In order to stay current…you’ll absolutely need this book. Like the predecessor, this volume is a ‘must’”—Dinosaur World

• “Full of wonderful old and new illustrations and oversize drawings for easy comparative viewing”—Journal of Amateur Paleontology

• “Covers new specimens of known dinosaurs”—College and Research Libraries

• “Includes new dinosaurian genera, new species and new life restorations”—Media & Methods