Confederate Veterans in Northern California

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About the Book

Drawing on six years of research, this book covers the military service and postwar lives of notable Confederate veterans who moved into Northern California at the end the Civil War. Biographies of 101 former rebels are provided, from the oldest brother of the Clanton Gang to the son of a President to plantation owners, dirt farmers, criminals and everything in between.

About the Author(s)

Jeff Erzin has spent thirty years in broadcasting as a writer, producer, director, editor, art designer and production manager. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Jeff Erzin

Format: softcover (7 x 10)
Pages: 225
Bibliographic Info: 69 photos, notes, bibliography, index
Copyright Date: 2020
pISBN: 978-1-4766-8103-0
eISBN: 978-1-4766-3956-7
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Preface  1
Introduction  3
The Veterans  5
James Seale Austin 5
Alvis Early Averett 6
John Randolph Avis 8
Almareane Wellborn Baker 9
Peter Vernon Batte 10
Edward Derrel Beard 12
Isaac Bell and Tyree Bell (Father and Son) 14
Calhoun C. Benham 16
Walter Walke Blow 19
Edgar Daniel Boone 21
James Otey Bradford 22
Samuel Houston Brooks 24
Telemachus Cambridge Brown 25
Louis Von Buchholtz 27
John Wesley Clanton 29
Charles Clement Clay 30
George Blake Cosby 31
Richard William Dancy Crump 33
Arthur Sinclair Cunningham 35
Henry Brevard Davidson 37
Henry Potter De Veuve, Sr. 38
John Andrew DeVilbiss 41
Henry “Harry” St. John Dixon 43
Caleb Dorsey 45
Dozier Brothers: Anthony White
Dozier, Jr., Edward Charles
Dozier, Leonard Franklin Dozier,
Peter Cuttino Dozier, and
William Gaillard Dozier 47
John Livingston Estill 49
Oliver Perry Evans 51
Edmund Clare Fitzhugh 53
George M. Flournoy 55
Richard Samuel Floyd 56
Robert Chester Foute 57
Edwin Augustus Garrison 59
George Washington Gift 62
Morris Greenwall 63
George Washington Gretter 65
Edward Higgins 67
Horace Antonio Higley 69
Henry St. George Lyons Hopkins 71
Irvine Brothers: Landon C. Irvine and Robert Hugh Irvine 73
James C. Kane 76
John Kolb Law 78
Leconte Brothers: John Eatton
Leconte and Joseph
Quarterman Leconte 80
John Wickham Leigh 83
Henry Schultz Lubbock 85
Egbert Joseph Martin 87
John Edgar McElrath 89
Edward “Ned” McGowan 91
Lewis David McKissick 93
Thomas Jefferson McQuiddy 95
Thomas Richard Meux 96
John Brown Moore 99
George Washington Mordecai 102
Thomas Pleasant Nelson 105
Edward and Patrick Noble
(Father and Son) 106
William Newton Mercer Otey 109
William Wood Porter 112
Pressley Brothers: Harvey Wilson
Pressley, James Fowler Pressley,
John Gotea Pressley, and William
Burrows Pressley 114
William Bond Prichard 117
Robert Hazon Rhodes 119
Miles Carey Selden, Jr. 120
Henry Bloom Shackelford 121
George David Shadburne 123
Shearin Brothers: Mark Harvel
Shearin, Jr., and William Shearin 126
Rufus Shoemaker 128
George William Shreve 129
Robert C. Smith 131
Robert Press Smith, Jr. and Sr. 133
John Snow 136
John Meredith Spencer 138
Waverley Thompson Stairley 139
John Adolph Steinbeck 140
Edward Bernard Stonehill 142
Thomas Porcher Stoney 143
Charles Fletcher Taylor 145
David Smith Terry, Sr. 147
John Thompson 149
Harry Innes Thornton, Jr. 151
James Ellis Tucker 153
Henry Clay Tupper 156
Tazewell Tyler 159
Joseph P. Vaughn 160
James Richard Waggener 161
William Thomas Welcker 163
Milton Edward White 165
Richard Owen Whitehead 166
Peter Singleton Wilkes 168
Ambrose Rucker Woodroof
(a.k.a. John Miller) 170
Edmund Platoff Zane 171
Notes  175
Bibliography  209
Index  215