Cities Going Green

A Handbook of Best Practices


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About the Book

Over the past several decades, numerous planning movements have taken root within the United States. With names like “Urban Renewal,” “Garden Cities,” “Healthy Cities,” “Smart Growth,” “Eco-Cities” and “Sustainability,” these programs promote ways to create, protect, preserve, enhance, and restore the quality of life in cities, towns and suburbs, especially in regards to the natural environment. This guide to the best practices of these programs introduces the rapidly evolving field before presenting more than 40 case studies of communities that are effectively “going green.” An assessment of the future of these towns and cities and resources for citizens and officials seeking additional information conclude the work. By compiling these success stories, this handbook makes an excellent resource for anyone seeking to facilitate the restoration of the natural environment within their community.

About the Author(s)

Roger L. Kemp, Ph.D., has been a city manager on both the East and West coasts for more than 25 years and holds International City/County Management Association credentials. He has taught at the University of California, Rutgers University, the University of New Haven, and the University of Connecticut. He is a distinguished adjunct professor in the Executive MPA Program at Golden Gate University.
Carl J. Stephani is a certificated manager of the International City/County Management Association, and, most recently, the executive director of the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency. He has held elected and appointed positions in city and county government, and is the author of a book on zoning, and a host of articles on municipal management, planning, and zoning matters.

Bibliographic Details

Edited by Roger L. Kemp and Carl J. Stephani
Format: softcover (7 x 10)
Pages: 251
Bibliographic Info: appendices, index
Copyright Date: 2011
pISBN: 978-0-7864-5968-1
eISBN: 978-0-7864-8698-4
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments      viii

Preface      1

Part I. Going Green

1. Communities Give New Life to Old Neighborhoods

Steve Garman      5

2. Evolving Green Building Practices

Jim Heid      9

3. Ways to Balance Nature and Commerce

Edward T. McMahon      15

4. Preserving Nature for Future Generations

Thomas Arrandale      19

5. Green Technology and Economic Development

Chad Vander Veen      24

Part II. Best Practices

6. Annapolis and Other Cities Improve Their Water Quality

Don Waye      29

7. Asheville and Other Cities Redesign Their Roadways to Enhance the Environment Insurance Institute for Highway Safety      32

8. Atlanta and Other Cities Improve Their Urban Heat Islands

Maurice Estes, Jr., Dale Quattrochi and Elizabeth Stasiak      37

9. Austin and Other Cities Implement Green Government Practices

Zach Patton      42

10. Billings and Other Cities Encourage Updating Old Structures to Green Standards

Glen Martin      45

11. Blackwater and Other Cities Protect Their Natural Corridors

A. Elizabeth Watson      48

12. Central City Restores Its Watershed Areas

Sharon Harkcom      53

13. Charleston Preserves Its Coastline

Josh Murphy      55

14. Charlotte and Other Cities Construct People Friendly Streets

John N. LaPlante and Barbara McCann      58

15. Chattanooga and Other Cities Invest in Parks and Open Spaces

Margaret C.H. Kelly and Matthew Zieper      63

16. Chicago Develops Sustainable Streetscape Projects

Jay Womack      69

17. Columbus Combines Conservation with Development

Erin Sherer, Anthony Sasson and Tracy Hatmaker      72

18. Concord and Other Cities Encourage Restorative Development

Storm Cunningham      76

19. Dallas and Other Cities Focus Growth Around Transit Hubs

G.M. Filisko      80

20. Daybreak and Other Communities Balance Development and Preservation

Sam Newberg      83

21. Denver and Other Cities Develop Sustainable Neighborhoods

Miriam Landman      87

22. Detroit and Other Cities Join the Urban Greening Movement

Cherie Langlois      93

23. Eugene and Other Cities Create Energy Efficient Buildings

Matt Stansberry      98

24. Flagstaff and Other Cities Develop Walkable Communities

Dan Burden      101

25. Gaithersburg Cleans Its Rivers and Streams

Leah Miller      107

26. Greensburg and Other Cities Establish Eco- Districts

Johanna Brickman      110

27. Hartford Encourages Neighborhood Gardens

Theresa Barger      114

28. Huntersville Revises Its Zoning Laws to Control Growth

Tucker Mitchell      117

29. Ithaca and Other Cities Diversify Their Urban Forests

Jill Mazullo      121

30. Los Angeles and Other Cities Explore Measures to Reduce Air Pollution

Paul Tullis      124

31. Memphis and Other Cities Approve Sustainable Planning Guidelines

Joe McElroy      129

32. Minneapolis and Other Cities Provide Light Rail Transportation Options

John Van Gieson      133

33. North Fair Oaks and Other Cities Consider Health Issues in Their Planning

Heather Wooten      139

34. Oakland and Other Cities Promote Smart Growth Development Practices

Gary Binger and Paul Sedway      144

35. Oregon City and Other Cities Streamline Their Stream Restoration Process

Alan Horton      149

36. Philadelphia and Other Cities Encourage Bicycle Commuting

Lawrence Houstoun      153

37. Portland Advances Green Stormwater Management Practices

Glenn Reinhardt      158

38. Salt Lake City Turns Old Buildings into Green Buildings

Michael Glenn      163

39. San Francisco and Other Cities Reduce Their Air Pollution by Building Bikeways

Kyle Boelte      169

40. Santa Rosa Implements a Build- It- Green Program

Dell Tredinnick      172

41. Savannah and Other Cities Create Fused Grid Street Networks

Fanis Grammenos and Carl J. Stephani      175

42. Seattle and Other Cities Approve Green Building Design Standards

Christopher Hawthorne      182

43. South Amboy Revitalizes Its Aging Waterfront

Alan Hope      185

44. Syracuse and Other Cities Encourage Watershed Education and Restoration

Mat Webber      189

45. Tacoma and Other Cities Redesign Their Roadways for People

Barbara McCann      193

46. Tallahassee Approves and Enforces Clean Water Quality Regulations

John Abendroth      196

47. Washington, D.C., Encourages and Promotes Eco-Friendly Neighborhoods

Greg Plotkin      199

Part III. The Future

48. Communities of the Future

Robert McIntyre      203

49. Cities and Sustainability

Michael Willis      207

50. Cities and Transportation

Ryan Chin      212

51. Cities and Nature

Kevin Fletcher      217

52. Revitalizing America’s Downtowns

Roger L. Kemp and Carl J. Stephani      219


A. Periodicals Bibliography      223

B. Glossary      224

C. Acronyms and Abbreviations      227

D. Regional Resource Directory      228

E. National Resource Directory      229

F. State Municipal League Directory      230

G. State Library Directory      231

About the Editors and Contributors      233

Index      235

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