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Conversations with Dylanologists


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About the Book

Beyond revolutionizing rock and roll, Bob Dylan became a preacher on stage in the late 1970s, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016, opened a series of exhibits of his paintings, wrote three books, worked as a film director, and performed as an actor. Despite his decades in the public eye and vast range of artistic achievements, he remains an enigmatic figure.
This book contains original interviews with 13 leading Dylanologists about why Dylan has remained such a compelling and important artist to the present day. Topics discussed are diverse, including his music, his time in cinema and his comparisons to Stanley Kubrick, his spiritual wisdom, and his award-winning poetry.

About the Author(s)

Marco Zoppas is a freelance English teacher, translator, and author of multiple books. He lives in Rome, Italy.

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Marco Zoppas
Format: softcover (6 x 9)
Pages: 194
Bibliographic Info: index
Copyright Date: 2024
pISBN: 978-1-4766-9323-1
eISBN: 978-1-4766-5073-9
Imprint: McFarland

Table of Contents

Preface 1
Introduction: Why a Book of Interviews on Bob Dylan? 3
The Interviews
Richard F. Thomas: Dylan, Rome and the Classics (July 15, 2019) 7
Andrew Muir: Dylan and Shakespeare (September 28, 2019) 14
Britta Lee Shain: Meeting and Touring with Dylan (February 19, 2020) 22
Heinrich Detering: Voices from the Underworld (February 26, 2020) 27
Phil Mason: The Christian Message of Bob Dylan (March 13, 2020) 34
­Anne-Marie Mai: The ­Multi-Layered Poetry of Bob Dylan (March 23, 2020) 43
Aubrey L. Glazer: Gnostic Dylan (July 14, 2020) 47
Graley Herren: From DeLillo to Dylan (September 18, 2020) 68
Rudy Salvagnini: Dylan and Cinema (October 4, 2020) 78
Stephen Daniel Arnoff: Dylan’s Multitudes (February 8, 2021) 91
Graley Herren: Time Out of Mind Revisited (November 27, 2021) 101
Stephen Daniel Arnoff: The Spiritual Wisdom of Bob Dylan (February 25, 2022) 115
Giulio Pantalei: David Lynch and Bob Dylan (April 27, 2022) 131
Aubrey L. Glazer: Kubrick, Dylan, Cohen—Intuitive Kabbalists? (September 9, 2022) 143
Doris Hambuch and Ioannis Galanopoulos Papavasileiou: Martin Scorsese and Bob Dylan (October 25, 2022) 162
Final Thoughts 169
Index 177