Anything Could Happen

Newly Declassified CIA Documents Tell an Entirely Different North Korea “Pueblo Incident”



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About the Book

In 1968, the USS Pueblo was seized while conducting electronic surveillance in international waters along the coast of North Korea, and its crew was held captive until it confessed to conducting intelligence within North Korean waters. This study examines the incident in light of concurrent historical events, recently declassified CIA documents, a naval briefing, contemporary newspaper accounts, and testimony by two members of the crew including Lloyd M. “Pete” Bucher, the commander of the ship. It finds that the main task of the Pueblo was not the surveillance of North Korea but rather a survey of the Russian fleet; nor was the incident a North Korean attempt to catch an American spy ship in the act—instead, it was probably aimed at “generating diversionary pressures on the U.S. at a time when Communist forces in South Vietnam are poised to launch a major country-wide offensive.”

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Bill Streifer is a researcher and freelance journalist who writes on U.S. intelligence and the history of nuclear weapons. He lives in Inwood, New York.

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Bill Streifer
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