99 Episodes That Defined the ’90s

Television Milestones from Arsenio to Homer to Yada Yada Yada

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About the Book

How can you define a decade? Through television, of course. The 1990s was arguably the best decade for TV, and you can get an interesting picture of what the decade was like through this particular medium. There are 99 episodes found within, one each from 99 different shows across all major television genres. Here, the ’90s are explored through police procedurals, hangout sitcoms, cartoons, game shows, and so much more. Some of these episodes became iconic and helped define the ’90s in and of themselves. Other episodes reflect what was going on in the world at the time.

About the Author(s)

Chris Morgan is a pop culture and comedy writer based in the Detroit area. His written works include pieces for websites, books of both fiction and nonfiction, television, video games, and sketch shows for the stage.

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Chris Morgan
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