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McFarland welcomes proposals for nonfiction manuscripts, including multicontributor manuscripts and edited collections of essays, on a wide range of subjects. Submissions from both authors and literary agents are invited. The simplest way to contact us is by email: Visit for more information.  See our Frequently Asked Questions about peer review. If you have any questions not answered there, please write to

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McFarland is a leading independent publisher of academic and general interest nonfiction books. Founded in 1979, we are recognized for covering topics of popular appeal in a serious and scholarly fashion.  Among our reading customers especially, McFarland is viewed as distinctive in style, adventurous in range, and a reliable source of worthy books that other publishers overlook. We have about 7000 unique works for sale and each year we publish about 360 new titles.  Browse ALL subject categories here.  Particularly noteworthy subjects and series are listed and linked below.  Receive a 30% conference discount with coupon code SCMS30.

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Interdisciplinary Studies
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