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"What's That Smell?!"

If you listened to National Public Radio‘s Morning Edition yesterday, you may have heard Yuki Noguchi‘s story about multiple chemical sensitivity and issues that arise when workplaces ban fragrances. That story of a little known, and little understood, medical condition is available below, and is a strongly recommended listen.

McFarland – a fragrance-free workplace – has long been interested in multiple chemical sensitivity, and we continue to publish a strong line of books about chemical and electrical sensitivity. To draw attention to this issue, we’re offering a 20% discount on all multiple chemical sensitivity titles through the end of September. Browse a list of titles below, and use the coupon code MCS at checkout!

Books About Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Causes, Effects, Personal Experiences and Resources

Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity: A Sufferer’s Memoir

Chemical Sensitivity: A Guide to Coping with Hypersensitivity Syndrome, Sick Building Syndrome and Other Environmental Illnesses

Defining Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Autoimmune Diseases and Their Environmental Triggers

Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Narratives of Coping

Environmentally Induced Illnesses: Ethics, Risk Assessment and Human Rights

Chemical Injury and the Courts: A Litigation Guide for Clients and Their Attorneys

Sauna Detoxification Therapy: A Guide for the Chemically Sensitive