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Weekly Kindle Spotlight: September 17

Killer KaneOur weekly Kindle spotlight is back! Through September 30th, get these popular titles on Amazon Kindle for 3.99.

Killer Kane: A Marine Long-Range Recon Team Leader in Vientam, 1967-1968

Jack the Ripper and Black Magic: Victorian Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies and the Supernatural Mystique of the Whitechapel Murders

Murder Files from Scotland Yard and the Black Museum

Kubrick’s Monolith: The Art and Mystery of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Organized Crime in the United States, 1865-1941

Richard Grenville and the Lost Colony of Roanoke

The Page Fence Giants: A History of Black Baseball’s Pioneering Champions

Jay-Z: Essays on Hip-Hop’s Philosopher King

Marvel Comics into Film: Essays on Adaptations Since the 1940s