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Weekly Kindle Spotlight: June 25th

Becoming the Beach Boys, 1961–1963Love e-books? Save on several popular titles this week with our Kindle Spotlight! Through June 30th, get these books on Kindle for just $3.99.

Becoming the Beach Boys, 1961-1963

The Minds Behind the Games: Interviews with Cult and Classic Video Game Developers

Becoming John Wayne: The Early Westerns of a Screen Icon, 1930-1939

Buster Keaton in His Own Time: What the Responses of 1920s Critics Reveal

A Dark California: Essays on Dystopian Depictions in Popular Culture

Cool Hand Lou: My Fifty Years in Hollywood and on Broadway

Bill Hartack: The Bittersweet Life of a Hall of Fame Jockey

Stop-Motion Armature Machining: A Construction Manual

Charles McGraw: Biography of a Film Noir Tough Guy

Girls on Fire: Transformative Heroines in Young Adult Dystopian Literature