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Weekly Deal: The Korean War

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Understanding the Korean War: The Participants, the Tactics, and the Course of Conflict

United Nations Participants in the Korean War: The Contributions of 45 Member Countries

Tortured into Fake Confession: The Dishonoring of Korean War Prisoner Col. Frank H. Schwable, USMC

“I Will Shoot Them from My Loving Heart”: Memoir of a South Korean Officer in the Korean War

Korean Battle Chronology: Unit-by-Unit United States Casualty Figures and Medal of Honor Citations

Combat Operations of the Korean War: Ground, Air, Sea, Special and Covert

Korean War Filmography: 91 English Language Features through 2000

A MiG-15 to Freedom: Memoir of the Wartime North Korean Defector Who First Delivered the Secret Fighter Jet to the Americans in 1953

Scrappy: Memoir of a U.S. Fighter Pilot in Korea and Vietnam

The Korean War: An Exhaustive Chronology

Small United States and United Nations Warships in the Korean War

The Hill Wars of the Korean Conflict: A Dictionary of Hills, Outposts and Other Sites of Military Action

Forever Alien: A Korean Memoir, 1930–1951

North Korea in Quotation: A Worldwide Dictionary, 1948–2004

Stalin’s Last War: Korea and the Approach to World War III

Watching M*A*S*H, Watching America: A Social History of the 1972–1983 Television Series

North Korea at a Crossroads

Ready to Fire: Memoir of an American Artilleryman in the Korean War

MiG Alley to Mu Ghia Pass: Memoirs of a Korean War Ace

American POWs in Korea: Sixteen Personal Accounts

What’s a Commie Ever Done to Black People?: A Korean War Memoir of Fighting in the U.S. Army’s Last All Negro Unit