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Weekly Deal: Role-Playing Games

This week, through May 15, 2016, get 20% off the following titles about role-playing games with the coupon code RPG!

The Role-Playing Society: Essays on the Cultural Influence of RPGs

Game Love: Essays on Play and Affection

The Arts of LARP: Design, Literacy, Learning and Community in Live-Action Role Play

Immersive Gameplay: Essays on Participatory Media and Role-Playing

The Evolution of Fantasy Role-Playing Games

The Functions of Role-Playing Games: How Participants Create Community, Solve Problems and Explore Identity

Role-Playing Game and Collectible Card Game Artists: A Biographical Dictionary

The Creation of Narrative in Tabletop Role-Playing Games

Gaming as Culture: Essays on Reality, Identity and Experience in Fantasy Games

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games: The People, the Addiction and the Playing Experience

The Fantasy Role-Playing Game:  A New Performing Art