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Weekly Deal: Nursing

Another Monday, another chance to nurse yourself back into shape with a discount on some good books. Through September 14, 2014, get 20% off the following books when you use the coupon code NURSING!






Vietnam War Nurses: Personal Accounts of 18 Americans

Lingering Fever: A World War II Nurse’s Memoir

Closing the Asylums: Causes and Consequences of the Deinstitutionalization Movement

Florence Nightingale, Feminist

Encyclopedia of Alzheimer’s Disease; With Directories of Research, Treatment and Care Facilities, 2d ed.

Gulf War Nurses: Personal Accounts of 14 Americans, 1990–1991 and 2003–2010

Caregiver’s Guide: Care for Yourself While You Care for Your Loved Ones

Women in the Civil War: Extraordinary Stories of Soldiers, Spies, Nurses, Doctors, Crusaders, and Others

Navy Medicine in Vietnam: Oral Histories from Dien Bien Phu to the Fall of Saigon

The Frontier Nursing Service: America’s First Rural Nurse-Midwife Service and School

Women Pioneers of Medical Research: Biographies of 25 Outstanding Scientists

Healers in World War II: Oral Histories of Medical Corps Personnel

Enduring What Cannot Be Endured: Memoir of a Woman Medical Aide in the Philippines in World War II