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Weekly Deal: Numismatics

This week, save a little money on a good book about… well, money. Through November 23, 2014, get 20% off the following books when you enter the coupon code CASH!








Panic Scrip of 1893, 1907 and 1914: An Illustrated Catalog of Emergency Monetary Issues

The Monetary Imagination of Edgar Allan Poe: Banking, Currency and Politics in the Writings

Astronomical Symbols on Ancient and Medieval Coins

Florida Paper Money: An Illustrated History, 1817–1934

The Greenback: Paper Money and American Culture

Alaska and Yukon Tokens: Private Coins of the Territories, 3d ed.

World Monetary Units: An Historical Dictionary, Country by Country

Coins and Currency: An Historical Encyclopedia

The Coins and Banknotes of Palestine Under the British Mandate, 1927–1947

Show Me the Money!: The Standard Catalog of Motion Picture, Television, Stage and Advertising Prop Money

Benjamin Franklin, Genius of Kites, Flights and Voting Rights