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Weekly Deal: McFarland Health Topics

This week, through August 17, 2014, get 20% off every title in our McFarland Health Topics series when you enter the coupon code HEALTH!






Advances in Graves’ Disease and Other Hyperthyroid Disorders

Cancer, Autism and Their Epigenetic Roots

Autogenic Training: A Mind-Body Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Pain Syndrome and Stress-Related Disorders, 2d ed.

You and Your Doctor: A Guide to a Healing Relationship, with Physicians’ Insights

CCSVI as the Cause of Multiple Sclerosis: The Science Behind the Controversial Theory

Living with Insomnia: A Guide to Causes, Effects and Management, with Personal Accounts

The Amphetamine Debate: The Use of Adderall, Ritalin and Related Drugs for Behavior Modification, Neuroenhancement and Anti-Aging Purposes

Living with Bipolar Disorder: A Handbook for Patients and Their Families

Coping with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Guide for Families, 2d ed.

Caregiver’s Guide: Care for Yourself While You Care for Your Loved Ones

Type 2 Diabetes: Social and Scientific Origins, Medical Complications and Implications for Patients and Others

Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Causes, Effects, Personal Experiences and Resources

Living with HIV: A Patient’s Guide

The Promise of Low Dose Naltrexone Therapy: Potential Benefits in Cancer, Autoimmune, Neurological and Infectious Disorders

Arthritis: A Patient’s Guide

Hepatitis: Causes, Treatments and Resources

Autoimmune Diseases and Their Environmental Triggers

Graves’ Disease: A Practical Guide

Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Narratives of Coping