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Weekly Deal: Labor

This week, through September 11, 2016, get 20% off the following books about labor relations and the history of labor when you use the coupon code LABORDAY!

Martyr of Loray Mill: Ella May and the 1929 Textile Workers’ Strike in Gastonia, North Carolina

Child Labor in America: A History

Shanghaiing Sailors: A Maritime History of Forced Labor, 1849–1915

Bargaining with Baseball: Labor Relations in an Age of Prosperous Turmoil

Labor and the American Left: An Analytical History

Women Labor Activists in the Movies: Nine Depictions of Workplace Organizers, 1954–2005

Arbitration Strategy for Labor and Management Advocates

Labor and Capital in 19th Century Baseball

Chronology of Labor in the United States

The American Worker on Film: A Critical History, 1909–1999

Benevolent Barons: American Worker-Centered Industrialists, 1850–1910

Film Actors Organize: Union Formation Efforts in America, 1912–1937

Actors Organize: A History of Union Formation Efforts in America, 1880–1919