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New Releases for Aug 24: Origins of Arthurian Romances

Two new releases today:

Origins of Arthurian Romances: Early Sources for the Legends of Tristan, the Grail and the Abduction of the Queen by Flint F. Johnson. There are three archetypal and widespread Arthurian stories—the abduction of Guinevere, the Holy Grail, and Tristan. Through the author’s painstaking research of the literature and comparative literature of the stories, and by studying the history, laws, and archaeology of the post–Roman period, a new methodology was found for approaching sources.



Kyoto Animation: A Critical Study and Filmography by Dani Cavallaro.

Kyoto Animation is a studio that, having risen from very humble beginnings, has gained recognition the world over as a uniquely inspired and inventive enterprise. This book examines Kyoto Animation’s philosophy and creative vision with close reference to its anime.